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Manisha Jolie Amin - Dancing to the Flute
Kate Anthony - Beautiful Day
MJ Arlidge - A Gift For Dying
Julia Armfield - Salt Slow
Gaynor Arnold - Lying Together
Isabel Ashdown - Little Sister
Isabel Ashdown - Flight 
Isabel Ashdown - Summer of 76
A J Ashworth - Red Room
Jenn Ashworth - Fell
Jenn Ashworth - Cold Light
Judy Astley - A Merry Mistletoe Wedding
Judy Astley - I Should Be So Lucky
Judy Astley - It Must Have Been The Mistletoe
Dani Atkins - Our Song
Lucy Atkins - The Night Visitor
Margaret Atwood - The Testaments

Catherine Bailey - The Secret Rooms
Melissa Bailey - Beyond The Sea
Morgen Bailey - The Serial Dater's Shopping List
Virginia Baily - Early One Morning
Scarlett Bailey - Two Weddings and a Baby
Lisa Ballantyne - The Guilty One
Emma Bamford - Casting Off
Jennifer Barclay - An Octopus in my Ouzo
Linwood Barclay - Trust Your Eyes
Gary Barker - The Museum of Lost Love
Laura Barnard - The Debt and the Doormat
Laura Barnett - Greatest Hits
Laura Barnett - The Versions Of Us
Duncan Barrett - G I Brides
Shirley Barrett - Rush Oh!
Fiona Barton - The Suspect
Fiona Barton - The Child
Fiona Barton - The Widow
R L Bartram - Dance the Moon Down
Paul Bassett Davies - Dead Writers In Rehab
Quentin Bates - Thin Ice
Quentin Bates - Cold Steal
Quentin Bates - Chilled To The Bone
Quentin Bates - Cold Comfort
Susan Beale - The Good Guy
Susanna Beard - Dare To Remember
Lisa Becker - Click: An Online Love Story
Hannah Beckerman - If Only I Could Tell You
Hannah Beckerman - The Dead Wife's Handbook
Louise Beech - This Is How We Are Human
Louise Beech - I Am Dust
Louise Beech -  Call Me Star Girl
Louise Beech - Maria In The Moon
Louise Beech - The Mountain in my Shoe
Louise Beech - How To Be Brave
Sarah Beeson - The New Arrival
David Bell - Cemetery Girl
Zana Bell - Close to the Wind
Kimberly Belle - The Marriage Lie
A K Benedict - Jonathan Dark or the Evidence of Ghosts
Anne Bennett - Another Man's Child
Emma Bennet - The Green Hills of Home
Anne Berry - The Water Children
Anne Berry - The Adoption
Eva Borg Aegisdottir - Girls Who Lie
John Boyne - The Boy at the Top of a Mountain
John Boyne - A History of Loneliness
James Bowen - A Gift From Bob
Niamh Boyce - The Herbalist
Cathy Bramley - A Vintage Summer
Cathy Bramley - Hetty's Farmhouse Bakery
Carys Bray - The Museum of You
Carys Bray - Sweet Home
RC Bridgestock - Payback
RC Bridgestock - Poetic Justice
Amy Brill - A Movement of Stars
Su Bristow - Sealskin
Fern Britton - Coming Home
Steph Broadribb - Deep Down Dead
Barbara Brooke - Glimmers
Isabelle Broom - One Winter Morning
Isabelle Broom - The Place We Met
Isabelle Broom - A Year and a Day
Isabelle Broom - My Map Of You
Eleanor Brown - The Light of Paris
Liam Brown - Wild Life
Alice Bruce - The Silence
Alison Bruce - The Calling
Bruce Bruschi - The Cult of Nostalgia
Daisy Buchanan - How To Be A Grown Up
Suzanne Bugler - The Safest Place
Alafair Burke - The Ex
Paul Burston - The Closer I Get
Jessie Burton - The Muse
Jessie Burton - The Miniaturist
Michel Bussi - After The Crash
Stephanie Butland - Lost For Words
Stephanie Butland - The Other Half of My Heart
Stephanie Butland - Surrounded By Water
Sarah Butler - Before The Fire
Sarah Butler - Ten Things I've Learned About Love

Austin Channing Brown - I'm Still Here
Emma Chapman - The Last Photograph
Emma Chapman - How To Be A Good Wife
Jean Chapman - A Watery Grave
Eve Chase - The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde
Tracy Chevalier - A Single Thread
Tracy Chevalier - Reader, I Married Him
Tracy Chevalier - At The Edge of the Orchard
Tracy Chevalier - The Last Runaway
Angela Clarke - On My Life
Angela Clarke - Watch Me
Angela Clarke - Follow Me
Imogen Clark - The Thing About Clare
Simon P Clark - Eren
Lezanne Clanachan - Jellybird
Chris Cleave - Everyone Brave is Forgiven
Karen Cleveland - Need To Know
Harlen Coben - Stay Close
Amanda Coe - Getting Colder
Amanda Coe - What They Do in the Dark
Julie Cohen - Louis and Louise
Julie Cohen - Where Love Lies
Julie Cohen - Dear Thing
Tammy Cohen - Stop At Nothing
Tammy Cohen - Clean Break (Quick Reads)
Tammy Cohen - They All Fall Down
Tammy Cohen - When She Was Bad
Tammy Cohen - First One Missing
Tamar Cohen - The Broken
Tamar Cohen - Someone Else's Wedding
Tamar Cohen - The War of the Wives
Tamar Cohen - The Mistress's Revenge
Tammy Cohen - Dying For Christmas
Michelle Cohen Corasanti - The Almond Tree
Rowan Coleman - The Girl at the Window
Rowan Coleman - The Summer of Impossible Things
Rowan Coleman - Looking For Captain Poldark
Rowan Coleman - We Are All Made of Stars
Rowan Coleman - The Memory Book

Paula Daly - The Trophy Child
Paula Daly - Keep Your Friends Close
Colette Dartford - Learning to Speak American
Michelle Davies - Gone Astray
Nelle Davy - The Legacy of Eden
Alain de Botton - The Course of Love
Tatiana de Rosnay - The Rain Watcher
Kit de Waal - My Name Is Leon
Will Dean - Dark Pines
Denise Deegan - Through The Barricades
Rene Denfeld - The Enchanted
Amber Dermont - The Starboard Sea
Donatella DiPietrantonio - Bella Mia
Anton diSclafani - The Yonahlossee Riding Camp For Girls
Katerina Diamond - Truth or Die 
Katerina Diamond - The Angel
Lucy Diamond - Something To Tell You
Lucy Diamond - The House of New Beginnings
Lucy Diamond - Summer at Shell Cottage
Lucy Diamond - The Year of Taking Chances
Lucy Diamond - One Night In Italy
Lucy Diamond - Me and Mr Jones
Lucy Diamond - The Beach Cafe
Vanessa Diffenbaugh - We Never Asked For Wings
Vanessa Diffenbaugh - The Language of Flowers
Paul Doiron - Trespasser
Paul Doiron - The Poacher's Son
Eva Dolan - Long Way Home
Kit Domino - Every Step of the Way
Emma Donoghue - Frog Music
Emma Donoghue - Astray
Rebecca Donovan - What If
Louise Doughty - Whatever You Love

Donna Douglas - The Nightingale Girls
Louise Douglas - The Secret By The Lake
Louise Douglas - In Her Shadow
Louise Douglas - Your Beautiful Lies
Louise Douglas - The Secrets Between Us
Jennifer Down - Our Magic Hour
Tony Drury - A Flash of Lightning
Ruth Dugdall - My Sister and Other Liars
Ruth Dugdall - Nowhere Girl
Ruth Dugdall - Humber Boy B
Ruth Dugdall - The Woman Before Me
Helena Duggan - A Place Called Perfect
Peter Duggan - Artoons
Sarah Duguid - Look At Me
Peter Dunne - The 50 Things
Steven Dunne - Death Do Us Part
Steven Dunne - A Killing Moon
Steven Dunne - The Unquiet Grave
Steven Dunne - Deity
Nicole Duong - Postcards From Nam
Sabine Durrant - Lie With Me
Gerald Durrell - Marrying Off Mother and other Stories
Heidi Durrow - The Girl Who Fell From the Sky


Jessica Eames - Bad Seed
Kate Eberlen - Miss You
Jenny Eclair - Listening In
Jenny Eclair - Chin Up Britain
Mark Edwards - The Magpies
Cheryl Elaine - No Ordinary Girl
Ruby Elliot - It's All Absolutely Fine
Susan Elliot Wright - What She Lost
Susan Elliot Wright - Things We Never Said

Angela Jackson - The Darlings
Angela Jackson - The Emergence of Judy Taylor
Erica James - The Summer at the Lake
PD James - Sleep No More: Six Murderous Tales
Peter James - Want You Dead
Ryan David Jahn - The Gentle Assassin
Polly James - Diary of an Unsmug Married
Sarah Jasmon - The Summer of Secrets
Dinah Jeffries - The Separation
Sheila Jeffries - Solomon's Tale
Toni Jenkins - The Sender
Amanda Jennings - In Her Wake
Amanda Jennings - The Judas Scar
Pam Jenoff - The Last Embrace
Morgan Jerkins - Caul Baby
Lisa Jewell - The Family Upstairs
Lisa Jewell - Watching You
Lisa Jewell - The House We Grew Up In
Lisa Jewell - Before I Met You
Matt Johnson - Wicked Game
Milly Johnson - The Teashop on the Corner
Milly Johnson - It's Raining Men
Milly Johnson - A Winter Flame
Sue Johnston - Things I Couldn't Tell My Mother
Doug Johnstone - The Big Chill
Doug Johnstone - A Dark Matter
Doug Johnstone - Breakers
Doug Johnstone - Crash Land
Alice Jolly - Dead Babies and Seaside Towns
Ragnar Jonasson - Rupture
Ragnar Jonasson - Blackout
Ragnar Jonasson - Night Blind
Andy Jones - The Two Of Us
Iris Jones Simentel - The G I Bride
Ruth Jones - Never Greener
Wendy Jones - The World is a Wedding
Wendy Jones - The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price


Paul Kalanithi - When Breathe Becomes Air
Sheena Kamal - It All Falls Down
Effie Kammenou - Evanthia's Gift
Jessica Francis Kane - The Report
Lesley Kara - Who Did You Tell?
Lesley Kara - The Rumour
Andrew Kaufman - Born Weird
Andrew Kaufman - The Tiny Wife
Emma Kavanagh - The Missing Hours
Francesca Kay - The Long Room
Sanjida Kay - Bone By Bone
Mary Beth Keane - Ask Again Yes 
Fionnuala Kearney - The Day I Lost You
Fionnuala Kearney - You, Me and Other People
Nicole Mary Kelby - The Pink Suit
Erin Kelly - Stone Mothers
Erin Kelly - He Said / She Said
Erin Kelly - The Ties That Bind
Janet Kelly - For The Last Time
Janet Kelly - Dear Beneficiary
Stephan Kelman - Pigeon English
Jonathan Kemp - Ghosting
Laura Kemp - Bring Me Sunshine
Laura Kemp - The Year of Surprising Acts of Kindness
R E Kemp - In Pursuit
Claire Kendal - The Book of You

CD Major - The Other Girl
Cesca Major - The Last Night
Cesca Major - The Silent Hours
Judith Mackrell - Flappers
Josh Malerman - Bird Box
Helena Mallett - Flash Fraction
Michael J Malone - In The Absence of Miracles 
Michael J Malone - After He Died
Michael J Malone - A Suitable Lie
Michael J Malone - Dog Fight
Stefan Malstom - Kult
Jill Mansell - And Now You're Back
Jill Mansell - It Started With A Secret
Jill Mansell - Maybe This Time
Jill Mansell - This Could Change Everything 
Jill Mansell - Meet Me At Beachcomber Bay
Jill Mansell - You and Me, Always
Jill Mansell - Three Amazing Things About You
Jill Mansell - The Unpredictable Consequences of Love
Jill Mansell - Don't Want To Miss A Thing
Hilary Mantel - The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher
Jo-Ann Mapson - Finding Casey
Russell Mardell - Cold Calling
Stephanie Marland - My Little Eye
John Marrs - The Wronged Sons
Katie Marsh - Unbreak Your Heart
Katie Marsh - This Beautiful Life
Katie Marsh - A Life Without You 
Katie Marsh - My Everything
Holly Martin - Christmas at Lilac Cottage
Alex Marwood - The Poison Garden
Rebecca Mascull - Song of the Sea Maid
Rebecca Mascull - The Visitors
Richard Mason - The Brown Stuff
SR Masters - The Killer You Know
Carole Matthews - Happiness For Beginners
Jo Mazelis - Significance
Marie Maxwell - Gracie
Marie Maxwell - Ruby
Nicola May - Working It Out
Chloe Mayer - The Boy Made of Snow
Peter May - Coffin Road
Stephenie Meyer - The Chemist
Alex Michaelides - The Silent Patient
Andree A Michaud - Boundary
Louise Millar - Accidents Happen
Sam Millar - Black's Creek

SE Moorhead - Witness X
Richard C Morais - Buddahland Brooklyn
Richard C Morais - The Hundred Foot Journey

Johanna Moran - The Wives of Henry Oades
Ann Morgan - Beside Myself
Sarah Morgan - New York Actually
Cal Moriarty - The Killing of Bobbi Lomax
Liane Moriarty - Little Lies
Liane Moriarty - What Alice Forgot
Liane Moriarty - The Husband's Secret
Sinead Moriarty - The Secrets That Sisters Keep
Sinead Moriarty - This Child of Mine
Boyd Morrison - The Catalyst
Ewan Morrison - Nina X
J B Morrison - The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, Aged 81
Kate Mosse - The Taxidermist's Daughter
Kate Mosse - The Mistletoe Bride
Kate Mosse - Citadel
Jojo Moyes - The Giver of Stars
Jojo Moyes - Still Me
Joyo Moyes - Paris For One and Other Stories
Jojo Moyes - After You 
Jojo Moyes - The One Plus One
Jojo Moyes - The Girl You Left Behind
Jojo Moyes - Me Before You
John Mullen - Maranatha
Grainne Murphy - Where The Edge Is
Tiffany Murray - Sugar Hall


James Nally - Dance With The Dead
James Nally - Alone With The Dead
Kim Nash - Amazing Grace
Sarah J Naughton - The Mothers
Rhiannon Navin - Only Child
Maggie Nelson - The Red Parts
Linda Newbery - Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon
TJ Newman - Falling
Elle Newmark - The Sandalwood Tree
Celeste Ng - Everything I Never Told You
Clar Ni Chonghaile - Fractured
Charity Norman - The New Woman
Barney Norris - Turning For Home
Alex North - The Whisper Man
Graham Norton - A Keeper
Liz Nugent - Lying In Wait
Liz Nugent - Unravelling Oliver


Anne O Brien - The Queen's Choice
Anne O Brien - The King's Sister
Maggie O'Farrell - This Must Be The Place
Sheila O Flanagan - Things We Never Say
Alice O Keeffe - On The Up
Bernard O Keeffe - The Final Round
Bernard O Keeffe - No Regrets
Ann O'Louglin - The Judge's Wife
Louise O'Neill - Almost Love
Louise O'Neill - Asking For It
Kjell Ola Dahl - The Assistant
Kjell Ola Dahl - The Courier
Abigail Osborne - The Puppet Master
Mat Osman - The Ruins
Hazel Osmond - The Mysterious Miss Mayhew
David Owen - Panther
Lisa Owens - Not Working
Sharon Owens - The Seven Secrets of Happiness

Gill Paul - The Second Marriage
Gill Paul - Another Woman's Husband
Gill Paul - The Secret Wife
Gill Paul - World War I Love Stories
Chris Pavone - The Travelers
Brian Payton - The Wind Is Not A River
AJ Pearce - Dear Mrs Bird
Lesley Pearse - The House Across The Street
Lesley Pearse - The Woman in the Wood
Lesley Pearse - Dead to Me
Lesley Pearse - Without A Trace
Lesley Pearse - Survivor
Lesley Pearse - Forgive Me
Lesley Pearse - The Promise
Laura Pearson - I Wanted You To Know 
Laura Pearson - Nobody's Wife
Nicky Pellegrino - One Summer in Venice
Daniel Pembrey - Night Market
Daniel Pembrey - The Harbour Master
J F Penn - One Day in Budapest
Liza Perrat - Wolfsangel
Liza Perrat - Spirit of Lost Angels
Tasmina Perry - The Last Kiss Goodbye
Tasmina Perry - The Proposal
Jodi Picoult - The Storyteller
Jodi Picoult - Behind The Lines
Jodi Picoult - Lone Wolf
Jodi Picoult - Sing You Home
Annabel Pitcher - Ketchup Clouds
Annabel Pitcher - My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
Samuel Pollen - The Year I Didn't Eat


Nayrour Qarmout - The Sea Cloak & other stories
Matthew Quick - Forgive Me Leonard Peacock


Debbie Rix - The Italian Girls
Dave Roberts - Sad Men
Craig Robertson - In Place of Death
Lucy Robinson - The Day We Disappeared
Amanda Robson - Envy
Shelan Rodger - Yellow Room
Shelan Rodger - Twin Truths
Charlotte Rogan - Now and Again
Charlotte Rogan - The Lifeboat
Allie Rogers - Tale Of The Tooth
Allie Rogers - Little Gold
Liselotte Roll - Good Girls Don't Tell
Gemma Roman - All At Sea
Vanessa Ronan - The Last Days of Summer
Jane L Rosen - The Dress
David F Ross - The Man Who Loved Islands
Mike Rothschilde - The Storm Is Upon Us
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - Marina
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Watcher in the Shadows
Carols Ruiz Zafon - The Prisoner of Heaven
Carlos Ruiz Zafon - The Midnight Palace
Leigh Russell - Fatal Act
Leigh Russell - Stop Dead
Jennifer Ryan - The Chilbury Ladies' Choir
Catherine Ryan Howard - Distress Signals
Catherine Ryan Hyde - When You Were Older

Lois Walden - Afterworld
Jen Waldo - Why Stuff Matters
Caroline Wallace - The Finding of Martha Lost
Gregg Wallace - Life On A Plate
Barry Walsh - The Pimlico Kid
Helen Walsh - The Lemon Grove
Jo Walton - My Real Children
Mollie Walton - Daughters of Ironbridge
Sarah Ward - A Deadly Thaw
Sarah Ward - In Bitter Chill
Ruth Ware - The Woman in Cabin 10
Ruth Ware - In A Dark Dark Wood
Sarah Waters - The Paying Guests
Mark Watston - The Place That Didn't Exist
S J Watson - Before I Go To Sleep
Camilla Way - Watching Edie
Tim Weaver - Never Coming Back
Katherine Webb - The Misbegotten
Sarah Webb - The Shoestring Club
Jennifer Weiner - All Fall Down
Alison Weir - Katherine of Aragon:The True Queen
Ann Weisgarber - The Promise
Matt Wesolowski - Changeling
Matt Wesolowski - Six Stories
Juliet West - Before The Fall
Lindy West - Shrill: Notes From a Lound Woman
James Wheatley - Magnificant Joe
Chris Whitaker - All The Wicked Girls
Rebecca Whitney - The Liar's Chair
Anna Whitwham - Boxer Handsome
Laura Wilkinson - Skin Deep
Laura Wilkinson - Redemption Song

Laura Wilkinson - Public Battles, Private Wars
Alan Williams - The Irritatingly Erotic Adventures of Charles McBride
Alan Williams - The Blackheath Seance Parlour
Beatriz Williams - Along The Infinite Sea
Nigel Williams - Unfaithfully Yours
Katherine Wilson - Only In Naples
Patricia Wilson - Island of Secrets
Terri Wiltshire - Carry Me Home
Jenny Wingfield - The Homecoming of Samuel Lake
Sarah Winman - Tin Man
Jacqueline Winspear - The Care and Management of Lies

Tom Winter - Lost and Found
Benjamin Wood - The Ecliptic
Lucy Wood - The Little Book of Lincolnshire
Naomi Wood - Mrs Hemingway
Starr Wood - Once Upon A Timepiece
Emily Woof - The Whole Wide Beauty
Jennifer Worth - Letters to the Midwife


Felicia Yap - Yesterday
Darren Young - Child Taken
Louisa Young - My Dear I Wanted To Tell You
Natalie Young - Season To Taste
Natalie Young - We All Ran Into The Sunlight


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