Friday 26 April 2013

A Fucked Up Life In Books

The web seems to have been overwhelmed by book bloggers recently, I'm not complaining because I'm one of them, so how could I moan?  One of the hardest things about having such a choice of reviewers is finding just the right ones to follow, finding someone who thinks along the same lines and whose reviews you can really believe and trust in.   @Bookcunt is one of my favourite bloggers.  She's controversial, she's outspoken and she's very sweary!   I've followed her reviews for ages, I've read her Tweets for ages, but it is only in the past couple of months that I've actually interacted with her.  To be truthful, I was scared of her! She's so feisty and so cool that I didn't know what to say to her, so I said nowt!    We kind of bonded over Caroline Smailes' latest novel; The Drowning of Arthur Braxton.  We both loved the book, we both love Caroline - that brought us together.  I'm not scared of her any more.

When The Friday Project offered to send me a preview copy of her book, I jumped at the chance.  I read it over last weekend.  She made me cry.

A Fucked Up Life in Books tells her story, from childhood to the present time.  Each significant episode in her life is associated with the book that she was reading at the time.  I love this concept, I love the fact that Howard's End is the only book she has read whilst having sex (I'd love it even more if her partner had been called Howard!).  That's one of the funny moments.   There are quite a few funny moments, but there are many poignant moments, and these are the moments that really resonate.  These are the moments that expose her vulnerability, her emotions and her sadness.  These are the moments that have made BC the lady she is today, the reasons why she is so sweary, and the reasons why she is quite special.

I don't know who BC is.  I know she works in publishing and she is in her late twenties.  I want to know more, and I really think that this could be just the start for her writing career.

The book is full of swearing, at times it is crude and to the point.  Anyone who thinks that they'd be shocked? Then don't read it.    However, I'd really recommend that you do read it.  It's powerful stuff.

Huge thanks to The Friday Project for my preview copy of the book which will be released as an eBook in May.    

Oh, and I've been invited to the launch party in May.  I'm going to meet her!  I really don't know what I'm going to say to her ........ I'm beginning to feel a tiny bit scared again!

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  1. Sounds great Anne, you'll have a ball in May too