Sunday 19 May 2013

Me and Mr Jones by Lucy Diamond

Me And Mr Jones is Lucy Diamond's seventh novel and is published by Pan Macmillan, released on 6 June 2013.

The story revolves around the Jones family; the four Mr Jones and the women and children that share their lives.
Eddie Jones and his wife Lilian have lived in Mulberry House for over forty years, this is where they brought up their three sons; Hugh, David and Charlie.  Mulberry House is now a guest house and Lilian and Eddie have managed their business very well over the years.  Lilian has realised though that Eddie's health is not so good,  it is time for them to retire, but will any of their sons want to take over the business?

Be warned!  Once you start reading Me And Mr Jones you will won't want to put it down.  This is the perfect summer read, full of entertaining and vividly drawn characters who immediately begin to feel like members of your own family.     Hugh has been married to Alicia for around twenty years, they appear to be the model family; good jobs, nice house and three lovely children.  Alicia is approaching her fortieth birthday and is beginning to feel unsettled, she is tired of being the perfect wife, always cleaning and cooking, she want a little excitement in life.  Little does she know that good old Hugh has a little secret of his own.

David, the middle son has lost his job.  His wife Emma is desperate for a baby, everything seems to be crumbling around them.  Emma wants a baby, she is determined to get pregnant, and nothing will stand in her way.

Charlie, the youngest son, is a charmer.  Totally unreliable, but Lilian's favourite son. Everything that he touches fails, yet he is lovable and honest and loyal. When he meets Izzy, on the run from an abusive husband with two young daughters in tow, everyone assumes that this is going to be another of Charlie's failures.  They don't know Izzy though!

Lucy Diamond has written a novel that is a joy to read.  It's a pleasure to sit down with this book and totally lose yourself for a few hours.  Although funny, it also deals with some pretty serious issues, and she deals with them very well.    I found myself completely caught up with each of the characters and their lives.
We meet Lilian and scowl in frustration as she bitches at her daughters-in-law and undermines anyone who dares to speak back to her, then we get to know her a little better and find that underneath the bluster there is a loving wife who is worried sick.  She is worried sick about Eddie - a wonderful father character who I loved instantly.

Lucy Diamond
This is sparkly, summer reading at its very best.  Characters to love and a really engaging storyline.   I enjoyed every page, and really hope that Lucy Diamond will consider writing a sequel.  I'd love to know what happens to the Jones family in the future.

Lucy Diamond has a website here where you can find out more about her other book.  You can also find her on Twitter here.

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Me And Mr Jones when I attended the Pan Pacmillan Women's Fiction Party a few months ago.  I also found myself standing next to Lucy Diamond in the queue to get our name badges at the party, but was a little star struck and didn't say hello!  Silly me!


  1. Great review as usual Anne. I love her writing. This is one to watch out for!

  2. It's a great Joan - I know that you will love it xx

  3. Great review. I love books that grab you and you can't put them down.