Saturday 1 February 2014

Pan MacMillan Women's Fiction Party & Launch of The Window Seat

What a busy week it's been, I've been hectic at work, struggling with a kidney infection and mild toothache and in the middle of it all I went down to London to the annual Pan Macmillan Women's Fiction Party.

I had an absolute ball!   I had loads of time owing from work, so was able to take the whole day and travelled down on the afternoon train from Retford to Kings Cross.

I'd arranged to meet NinaJenny and Rebecca from the Pan Macmillan Reading Group Panel - we've stayed in touch since the programme started and it was so good to see them all again.  Sadly, Rose our number four was poorly and unable to join us - we missed her.   After drinks in the bar at the Bloomsbury Hotel we made our way to the Paramount Bar at Centre Point.   Wow! What an amazing venue, the bar is 32 floors above London and the view is just fantastic - it was mesmerising.  I'm just terrible at taking photos, but luckily Jenny isn't so she handled my camera for me.  Cheers Jenny!

Champagne and nibbles - lots of wonderful authors to chat to, editors, publishers and other book bloggers and reviewers - every book fan's dream evening.  Add to that the piles of books just everywhere, and the wonderful goodie bags and we felt like we were in heaven.

Last year I was a little shy and a lot in awe of all of these authors, some of whom I've loved for years and didn't really talk to many people - this year I was determined that would change.   I especially wanted to meet Lucy Diamond  - we've chatted on Twitter and on Facebook so often, I felt like I already knew her.  I tracked her down amongst the clinking of glasses and laughter and we had a really good chat, she's just as lovely in real life.   I also chatted to Rebecca Wait (View on the Way Down) and Naomi Wood (Mrs Hemingway).

It was a fabulous party and I was really sorry to have to leave at 8.30, but I had to get back to Kings Cross for the last train of the night, if I'm lucky enough to get invited to the party next year then I'm definitely staying overnight!    I have to thank Jodie and the team at Pan Macmillan for hosting a terrific night, we had a ball!

The party wasn't just to celebrate Pan Macmillan's wonderful women's fiction authors, it was also launch night for The Window Seat:

Pan Macmillan is this week launching a new women’s lifestyle website –The Window Seat  – which will contain books content as well as culture and entertainment news.
The company is also teaming up with magazine publisher Hearst’s to launch a new women’s fiction book club.
The Window Seat, which will launch on Thursday (30th January), is a “Pan Macmillan branded audience-focused vertical bringing together the best in women’s fiction, as well as non-fiction and lifestyle content targeted at this core group of readers”
It will include exclusive content from authors including Lucy Diamond, Lucinda Riley, Karen Swan, Diane Chamberlain, Kate Morton and Jane Green. Book bloggers will also contribute to the website through a series of guest blog posts. The first blogger will be Charlotte Foreman from There will also be a rolling programme of creative writing advice provided by authors and editors, and lifestyle pieces from Pan Macmillan’s non-fiction authors covering topical news stories, careers and business, women’s history and cookery.  
Jodie Mullish, head of fiction marketing, said: “It's a core strategy of ours to deepen our relationship and engagement with women readers across the genres. We wanted to create relaxing, enjoyable online spaces, which we intend to be perfect places for women to discover and share their next good book – whether that’s by a talented debut author or an established favourite.”
Pan Macmillan’s partnership with Hearst will feature authors including Riley, Charlotte Mendelson, Joanna Rees and Jessie Keane and offer readers the chance to win a book a month, as well as read exclusive extracts, take part in live author webchats and contribute their reviews to editorial coverage of the books.
There will also be a series of masterclasses offering expert advice on creative writing and how to get published from Pan Macmillan editors and authors including Rees and Diamond.


  1. Oh I wish I lived closer so I could go to all these events. Will have to experience them virtually through your posts, Anne! :-)

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