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Tuesday 22 November 2016

Good Girls Don't Tell by Liselotte Roll #BlogTour @WorldEdBooks #Giveaway

When Erik Berggren, a man with learning disabilities is found mutilated and brutally murdered Inspector Magnus Kalo and his team are mystified. 
Other than being an alcoholic, the victim seems to have led a completely normal, if rather lonely, life. 
Then Erik’s mother is viciously attacked in a similar way. 
Investigating family secrets that stretch back decades and a trail that leads to to the Argentinian military Junta’s reign of terror Magnus realises that someone is stalking him and his own family. His wife, Linn, a therapist, offers her own insights into the case until she too is attacked. 
As the Swedish winter draws in clues seem to disappear under the falling snow. It’s clear that Magnus is on the trail of a master manipulator with a brutal mission…

Good Girls Don't Tell by Liselotte Roll was published by World Editions on 17 November 2016 and is translated from Swedish by Ian Giles.   I'm really happy to welcome you to my spot on the Blog Tour today.

I have one paperback copy of Good Girls Don't Tell to giveaway.  Entry is simple, just fill out the widget below.  UK ENTRIES ONLY PLEASE.      Good Luck!

"Tortured souls are dangerous .....", so goes the strapline for Good Girls Don't Tell, and oh, how true it is. This is a crime story that is packed with danger, and with torture. It is brutal, yet compelling. I rarely use the word 'perfect', but this really is a perfectly-formed thriller.

Magnus Kalo leads the investigation into the horrific murder of an alcoholic, his mutilated body was found in a shed on his mother's allotment. His injuries were terrible, and it is clear that the murderer is a very dangerous individual. Magnus doesn't realise quite how dangerous, or how clever just yet.

When the victim's elderly mother is attacked, and then Magnus' own family are targeted, the race is
on to find the killer, before he finds them .... again.

The exquisite descriptions of the bleak, harsh, frozen Swedish landscape adds volumes to this incredibly well thought out story. Magnus is a complex character, with flaws, but with determination and a love and loyalty to his family that will put in danger, more than once. His wife Linn is equally as determined; her protective instinct towards her toddler twins and her background in psychotherapy enables her to take a star role in this story too.

Liselotte Roll's gripping debut doesn't just deal with a straightforward murder case, she takes her readers to Argentina too, with references to the military Junta who reigned with brute force and terror, and whose crimes have had an impact that has lasted for many years.

Good Girls Don't Tell is expertly translated by Ian Giles, it grips the reader from page one and the suspense builds throughout each chapter, until the thrilling finale.

Thrilling and accomplished.  Highly recommended by me.

My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review and the invitation to take part in this Blog Tour.

I have one paperback copy of Good Girls Don't Tell to giveaway.  Entry is simple, just fill out the widget below.  UK ENTRIES ONLY PLEASE.      Good Luck!

Good Girls Don't Tell by Liselotte Roll #Giveaway

Liselotte Roll is a freelance journalist and has previously worked for Sveriges Radio as a scriptwriter. She is a qualified Marine Archaeologist, and while working on a dig uncovering a pre-Incan settlement in La Rioja, Argentina, she discovered the story of the military junta's reign.
These memories eventually came to form this book.
Liselotte's books have been translated to half a dozen languages and have piqued the attention of crime fiction aficionados.
Critics have described her as one of the most exciting debut writers in recent years and the next Nordic queen of crime.

About the translator:   Ian Giles currently divides his time (often unequally) between translation and his doctoral research at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.
He also sits on the managing committee of the Swedish-English Literary Translator's Association.
He has translated a wide range of Scandinavian works for publication or performance, including August Strindberg's Dance of Death.
In 2015, Ian was shortlisted for the Crime Writer's Association International Dagger for his translation of Andreas Norman's Into a Raging Blaze. This is his first book for World Editions.
Twitter @ioagiles


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