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Wednesday 21 June 2023

Eleven Liars by Robert Gold #ElevenLiars @books_gold @BooksSphere #BenHarper #BookReview


Journalist Ben Harper is on his way home when he sees the flames in the churchyard. The derelict community centre is on fire. And somebody is trapped inside.

 With Ben's help the person escapes, only to flee the scene before they can be identified. Now the small town of Haddley is abuzz with rumours. Was this an accident, or arson?

 Then a skeleton is found in the burnt-out foundations.

 And when the identity of the victim is revealed, Ben is confronted with a crime that is terrifyingly close to home. As he uncovers a web of deceit and destruction that goes back decades, Ben quickly learns that in this small town, everybody has something to hide.

Eleven Liars by Robert Gold was published in hardback by Sphere on 30 March 2023. My thanks to the publisher who sent the book for review. 

This is the second in the Ben Harper series from Robert Gold. I read and reviewed the first; Twelve Secrets back in March this year and was so impressed. I've been looking forward to Eleven Liars for a while and desperately hoping that the author would produce another story to thrill.  I read this on holiday, finding it difficult to put it down. It's another cracker from an extremely talented author. 

Ben Harper is a journalist, he lives in the small town of Haddley and is well known in the area. He recently re-investigated the murder of his brother and the subsequent death of his mother, uncovering a tragic set of consequences.

Ben is walking home when he discovers a fire in the derelict community centre that sits beside the local church. When he realises that someone is inside, he manages to help them to escape. The person runs away and Ben could only spot a pair of bright orange trainers. He doesn't know who it was. 

When a skeleton is found in the remains of the fire, and the identity of this person is revealed, a whole new investigation opens up for Ben. People very close to him have lived their lives believing one thing, whilst the evidence is mounting up to prove that they've been misled for many years. 

Teaming up once more with DC Dani Cash, Ben is determined to discover the truth and to ensure that whoever is responsible for hiding the body faces justice. 

Once again, this author has delivered a thriller that takes many an unexpected twist along the way. His characterisation is impeccable, with people who the reader will despise, some that the reader will suspect and others that will totally surprise. 

His plotting is magnificent, with hints and reveals places perfectly along the way. It's a tense, tightly woven story that kept me gripped. Highly recommended. 

Originally from Harrogate in North Yorkshire, Robert Gold began his career as an intern at the
American broadcaster CNN, based in Washington DC. 

He returned to Yorkshire to work for the retailer ASDA, becoming the chain's nationwide book buyer.

He now works in sales for a UK publishing company.

Robert now lives in Putney and his new hometown served as the inspiration for the fictional town of Haddley in his thrillers, Twelve Secrets, an Irish Times bestseller, and Eleven Liars.

Twitter @books_gold

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