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A few years ago I set up Book Connectors, a closed Facebook group; exclusively for Bloggers and Authors.

I'd been a member of various Facebook groups connected to books and reading, but was often frustrated by the huge amount of rules in the groups. It was really difficult for Authors and Bloggers to connect without getting told off for advertising.

Therefore, I decided that we needed a place where Authors and Bloggers could freely talk about their books and their blogs. Where they could advertise their latest posts, and their latest books.

Book Connectors is not just about advertising though.  It's more about mutual support and connections. Members ask questions, have debates, seek advice and generally support each other.

We now have almost 2500 members; each one of those is either an Author or a Blogger, or both.

"Book Connectors is a place to connect.

A place for Bloggers, Authors and small Publishers to share their news.

We encourage book promotions; information about competitions and giveaways; news of events, including launch events, signings, talks or courses. Talk about new signings, about film deals .... anything really.

This will be a friendly group, there are no rules or guidelines - just be polite and respectful to each other.

Bloggers love to work with authors and publishers, we love books and we want to shout about them."

If you are an Author or a Blogger and you haven't discovered Book Connectors yet, you are very welcome to join.

Find the group on Facebook, request to join the group and answer a couple of questions. It's simple.


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