Tuesday 12 April 2011

Graze Box - try one for free.

I used to get nibble boxes from Graze, but haven't had any for over a year - this week I decided to start again.
My first Graze box arrived today, I've had them delivered to the office so that I can now choose some nice healthy snacking, instead of the usual crisps and chocolate biscuits that have been my choice of late.

It was quite exciting to unwrap the box, not knowing what was inside, and I was really pleased with the selection that they sent to me - natural vanilla seeds, orange and ginger flapjacks, the firecracker and fruit and nut case - all wrapped really well and all delicious.
Graze nibble boxes are really good value - £3.49 per box and that includes first class delivery.  You are given the opportunity to rate each product, so if you are not keen on a certain item, you can make sure that they don't send it again.  You can rate the whole range of items and let them know which things you 'love' or 'like' or which things you don't want them to send.

It really is very simple to arrange, let them know when you'd like them to deliver and the boxes will arrrive, weekly, fortnightly or just the occasional treat.

If you'd like to try a Graze box for yourself - free of charge, please use my code NLHZD6W.

You can order your free box, using my code here



  1. Thank you Anne! I have used your code and am expecting my first Graze box tomorrow! Can't wait :)

  2. I don't get them delievred to work but we have 1000ish people here so I'm a bit paranoid. I've got yesterday's box on ymdesk - it's an extra yummy one. Last week I had grotty goji berries :(

  3. Enjoy your box Suzie - they are great!
    I said NO to goji berries!