Monday 17 October 2011

Something From Tiffany's by Melissa HIll

Something From Tiffany's by Melissa Hill is an absolute joy to read.  

Melissa Hill creates characters that the reader can really relate to - none of them are perfect, they all have their quirks, but they are all great to read about.

The story centres on two couples.  Both couples are spending Christmas in New York and both of the guys have an iconic blue box from Tiffanys amongst their shopping.   When Gary gets knocked down by a yellow cab and Ethan rushes to help him it's plain what is going to happen.

One of the Tiffany boxes contained a £20k engagement ring, the other one contains a £150 charm bracelet - duing the chaos of the accident the bags get switched by accident.   Imagine the horror when your girlfriend opens a box containing a fairly cheap bracelet instead of an engagement ring, and imagine your joy when you open the present from your usually tightwad boyfriend to find a whopper of a diamond.

And so the story takes on twists and turns.  Oh I was so frustrated by Ethan at times, yelling at the book 'just bloody tell her!!', but of course if he had explained to Vanessa that her bracelet was supposed to be a ring, well then the story couldn't be told - and he wouldn't have met Rachel!
Melissa Hill spins a tale that hooks the reader from the start, creating great characters and a wonderful setting.  From New York to London to Dublin, all described wonderfully and with a real sense of the place.

The star of the novel is Daisy; Ethan's 8 year old daughter and the only character who is honest and true to herself, the rest of the cast are great too but Daisy steals the show from beginning to end.

If you want some romance and fun, this is the perfect read.

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