Wednesday 13 June 2012

The Pocket Guide to Scandals of the Aristocracy by Andy Hughes

Published earlier this year as part of the 'Remember When's series from Pen and Sword Books, Scandals of the Aristrocracy by Andy Hughes is full of murder, lust, gambling and downright madness.

The so-called 'upper' classes have been there, done it and got the proverbial t-shirt!

There are tales of fortunes gambled away, spent on prostitutes, drink and drugs.   The stories are sectioned into eras of history going right back through the ages from the present day.

We tend to think that modern day morals have declined, that the twenty-first century is full of wicked, deceitful people who would sell their Granny to the highest bidder.  Think again!  

Some of the so-called nobility from times gone by would laugh at our modern day 'scandals' - and they got away with it, and carried on doing it.

Full of tales and intrigue that would delight the editors of Heat and The Sun these days, this is a gem of a book.

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