Friday 1 February 2013

Foodie Penpal - January Reveal Day

We didn't have a Foodie Penpal in December, so it seems ages since the last lot of foodie delights dropped through my letterbox.  However, January was back to business as usual and I was delighted to receive a parcel from Alice in Denmark.   Alice has a blog here

I've never visited Denmark, so was really looking forward to seeing what delights Alice would include in the parcel, I was thrilled to find a lovely assortment of Danish goodies:

Citron Mane (or Dan Cake):  This is a traditionally Danish cake and is sold in almost every store.  Alice tells me that lately it has become really popular to bake this cake at home.  It's a lemon flavoured Madeira-type cake with lemon icing on top.  I expected it to be really sweet, but it's not at all, even though it has a good helping of sticky icing on top.  My husband loved it - it's all gone now!

Frikalet - Frikadeller:   This is a spice mix used in Danish meat balls.  Alice kindly supplied the instructions on how to make the meat-balls - using pork mince.   We do like Frikadeller, and quite often buy them in Aldi, but have only eaten them cold with salad - I'm definitely going to have a go at making these at home.

Brun Sauce:  This is a traditionally Danish sauce, made with melted butter - add the sauce mix and some milk and then stir and boil.  I guess this will be a little like a thick gravy, I'm going to serve it up with the Frikadeller

Mango Relish:  Alice included a little pot of what looks like home-made Mango Relish which I've had with some cheese and crackers.  It's really tasty, quite sharp, but sweet too.

Lakerol Liquorice Pastilles:  Two boxes of liquorice pastilles.  These are great, liquorice is one of my big loves and these are tiny little sweets with a huge flavour - and not sweet at all.

Huge thanks to Alice for putting together such a thoughtful and interesting food parcel.

I sent my parcel to Stacey.  Funnily enough Stacey lives in just the next town to me, we are randomly matched up, so that was quite a surprise.  I found it more difficult to put together a foodie parcel for someone who lives so close, as usually I like to do a Lincolnshire theme, which seems a bit daft when you are posting within the same county!   I did manage to put together a box of goodies though - you can check out what I sent on Stacey's blog here

If you like the sound of the Foodie Penpal project and think you would enjoy taking part - check out the details on the This Is Rock Salt blog here

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