Tuesday 30 April 2013

Foodie Penpals - April 2013

Foodie Penpal reveal day is here again!   This month I sent my parcel to Kieran in Brighton, it was a Lincolnshire themed parcel.  I spent a lovely morning at our local farm shop Uncle Henry's choosing some delectable Lincolnshire goodies to send.  The parcel included some Plum Bread and Poacher Cheese, along with some Scrubbys vegetable crisps and an assortment of spices.  Kieran has been in touch and was very pleased with his parcel.

My parcel came from Anna who blogs at The Campervan Diaries Foodie Extra.  Anna is from Mansfield which is not too far away from here.  She and her family were due to attend a Campervan event very near to my home so last weekend my wonderful parcel was delivered by hand.  How nice to actually meet a Foodie Penpal in the flesh.

What an amazing parcel!  This certainly was one of the nicest and most considerate parcels that I've received since joining Foodie Penpals.

Anna is an amazing lady, she has a young son, she volunteers at an organic vegetable project, she grows fruit and veg in her own garden, she forages for ingredients and she creates some amazing food.

I opened up my parcel to find an assortment of lovingly made goodies along with a selection of cheeses that Anna had bought whilst holidaying in Wales the week before.  Every one of the cheeses are delicious, and how lovely to try some new flavours.  There was a Welsh Brie (this was my favourite), Welsh Chedder, Welsh Hard Goat's Cheese (I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this one, goat's cheese is not usually my cheese of choice, but this one is lovely) and a Welsh Blue.   To go with the cheeses Anna had included a selection of her home-made biscuits; cheesy biscuits, digestive biscuits and oatcakes.   They are all delicious, but the cheesy biscuits are addictive - they are flaky and light with a real kick of heat, incredibly moreish!  The oatcakes go so well with the Welsh Blue and I must admit that I've been eating the digestives on their own, accompanied by a cup of tea!

Also in the parcel was a couple of jars of Anna's home-made preserves - a chutney and a rhurbarb and vanilla jam.  The jam is just to my taste, not too sweet and the vanilla adds a special touch.

I was really delighted to receive such a thoughtful parcel, Anna has put a lot of work into making April's Foodie Penpal parcel extra special.

Thanks Anna xx

If you'd like to join the Foodie Penpal programme, check out the joining instructions here.


  1. Oh how lovely. I skipped this month because of a trip. You seem to get such lovely givers. Xx

  2. This month was wonderful Hazel. Last month was a real disappointment though, I didn't even bother blogging about it. I'm skipping next month as I'll be away on holiday.

  3. Love reading what you all get and what you have chosen to send to others! Sounds like a great month for you Anne!