Saturday 3 August 2013

**** Book Launch @ Waterstone's Meadowhall *** It's Raining Men by Milly Johnson

It's Raining Men is Milly Johnson's ninth book and was published on 1 August by Simon & Schuster Ltd.  As Milly is a Yorkshire lass through and through, her official launch party was in Yorkshire on Yorkshire Day (1 August), and because Milly is a lots of fun, she also had a special launch event today at the Waterstone's store in Meadowhall, Sheffield.    Now, although I'm not a Yorkshire girl, I do live just a few miles away from the Yorkshire border, and Sheffield has become something of a second home over the past few years - great shopping, fabulous theatres and concert venues and some great places to eat.  So, off we went, myself and the lovely Martin - I was very excited, Martin was very apprehensive - he had heard tales of half-naked men dancing and such!!

We met up with Kate who blogs at Books With Bunny and Wendy - had some lunch and then made our way to Waterstone's.   I'd already spied the dancing men earlier, so was prepared!

                                              Wendy & I giggling                                            The 'It's Raining Men' dancers

Oh it was fun!!   Milly really can throw a party, but of course we knew that didn't we?  After all, she was the winner of 'Come Dine With Me' some time ago.     Milly looked great, she's gorgeous - with gorgeous hair and glittery eyes and the most beautiful black and red dress, she's also tiny (although taller than me, but that's really not difficult).     The (sadly not half-naked) dancers kicked up a storm to The Weathergirls' hit It's Raining Men and we were invited to have our photos taken - then tweet them, one photo would be picked to win a prize.   I gently persuaded the lads to pick me up for my photo - oh, the terrible things we bloggers have to do!!!!

Kate, Wendy and I were interviewed by one of Milly's team - I think the interviews will be broadcast on Milly's Facebook page - I'm sure that I gabbled on a bit, but I know I plugged the blog - so watch out for that!

Then I met Milly!   She's really lovely, and she recognised my name from Facebook and my blog, she jumped up and gave me a huge hug, she's so friendly and down to earth, it was a delight to meet her.  And so generous too - not only did she sign all of our books, she also gave away really cute tote bags filled with umbrella shaped chocolates and bookmarks.

                                              It's a hard life!!                                    Meeting Milly                          A Hug from Milly 

We really did have a great time.  Milly and her team, and the Waterstone's staff were so welcoming and friendly, taking the time to talk to us and were really interested in what we had to say about books and blogging.

After frantically Tweeting and Facebooking on assorted iPads and phones, we went off for coffee and cake - well all that dancing and meeting famous authors is hungry work you know!   Just as we were about to say our goodbyes and go our separate ways we found out that Kate had won the photo competition!  We hurried back so Kate could claim her prize; a set of Milly's books and lots of lovely goodies in a goodie bag, and one of the It's Raining Men umbrellas.   We were excited all over again!

                                            Kate is the winner!                                            Goody Bags and Signed Copies

I'm so looking forward to reading It's Raining Men, look out for my review very soon.   If you'd like to see more photos of the day check out Twitter #itsrainingmen.   Milly also has a Facebook page for her books and there's lots of information at

Thanks to Milly, her team, Waterstone's staff, Kate and Wendy for a great day out.  Oh and special thanks to Martin for being the official photographer and putting up with our giggling!

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  1. Sounds like a great day! What fun. Was getting a bit worried though when you hadn't mentioned cake, but then saw that it came near the end :)
    Wish I could have been there too.