Monday 10 November 2014

The Prophecy of Bees by R S Pateman

Moving to Stagcote Manor was meant to be a fresh start for Lindy and her teenage daughter Izzy. A chance at a new life in the country after things went so wrong in London. But for Izzy it is a prison sentence.
There's something about the house that she can't quite put her finger on. Something strange and unnerving. As Izzy begins to explore the manor and the village beyond its walls, she discovers the locals have a lot of bizarre superstitions and beliefs. Many of them related to the manor . . . and those who live there.
When Izzy begins to investigate the history of the estate, her unease deepens to fear as the house's chilling past finally comes to light.
The Prophecy of Bees is a tense, gripping psychological suspense novel that explores the dark power of superstition and folklore.

The Prophecy of Bees by R S Patemen is published by Orion on 20 November 2014, and is the author's second novel. I was incredibly impressed by his debut novel; The Second Life of Amy Archer and reviewed it here on Random Things back in October of last year.

Izzy is not impressed by her mother Lindy's decision to move them out to Stagcote Manor, out in the middle of nowhere, away from the bright lights of London. Lindy is determined that she and Izzy will have a fresh start. She wants to re-build their fragile and almost shattered relationship, she wants to move on from the death of her husband; Izzy's father. She wants Izzy to concentrate on her studies, and keep away from goth-boys who sing in bands.

Izzy is determined to hate Stagcote Manor, she has that determination that teenagers seem to do perfectly. It doesn't matter to Izzy if it is a beautiful house in wonderful surroundings, she is going to hate it.

Izzy soon finds herself caught up in local tales of curses, she initially mocks when she's told that the bees in the hives must be told what is going on, if they are not told then something terrible will happen. It seems that something terrible will happen around every corner in this odd, insular village and Izzy, despite her mockery and misgivings, starts to believe that there really is a curse upon her new home.

The Prophecy of Bees is a cleverly woven story of superstition and fear, of witchcraft and beliefs that have been handed down generation by generation. It is also a modern story of the difficulties between a mother and her daughter, with dark and difficult issues raised and dealt with very well.

There is a dark, brooding feel to this novel. The author excels in creating a setting and characters that are so creepy and sinister and Stagcote Manor itself has a malevolence about it that will send shivers down the reader's spine.

This is a powerful story. It is a story that haunts the back of your mind when you are not reading it and consumes you when you are.

My thanks to the author and the publisher who sent my copy for review.

Check out the excellent trailer for The Prophecy of Bees:

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