Wednesday 2 March 2016

Peter Duggan's Artoons

Ever wondered why The Scream brings a smile to the faces of people worldwide? Felt inadequate because you don't find the Sistene Chapel ceiling as funny as it should be? After reading this book you'll never be daunted by art again.
From Pop Art to Pollock, Renoir to Rodin, Hockney to Hirst and Matisse to Monet, Peter Duggan's Artoons is a clever and satirical series of cartoons on artists, artworks and all things art related from the popular Guardian Online series from Peter Duggan.

With over 100 unique takes on the history of art, Peter Duggan's Artoons will have you laughing along with the rest of the gallery crowd.
The perfect gift for people who love both art and smiling and will make you look at your favourite paintings in a new and surprising way. 

Peter Duggan's Artoons was published by Virgin Books on 29 October 2015.

I love newspaper and magazine cartoon series. When I was a child my Grandmother in Ireland used to cut out the 'Love Is ...' cartoons for me every week, she'd save them all and when we arrived in
Ireland for our summer visit, I would spend hours looking through them.

Another favourite was Andy Capp, from the Daily Mirror, and the Peanuts characters, and who remembers saucy George and Lynne from The Sun?? We also got the Broons annual every Christmas, along with the Dandy and the Beano and I really did enjoy all of them.

When Peter Duggan contacted me and asked if I'd like to see his collection of art-inspired cartoons - Artoons, as featured on the Guardian Online, I jumped at the chance.

This is really lovely. small hardback book with a colourful and embossed cover. Inside there are over 100 black and white cartoons, expertly drawn and all featuring the art world.

As well as cartoons, I'm also a fan of satire, and this collection really does appeal to my sense of humour. Peter Duggan pokes fun of celebrity selfies, The Queen and the Last Supper to name a few - so a very eclectic bunch of cartoons, covering lots of different areas.  I even found myself laughing at my art hero Antony Gormley

Finely drawn, with an intricacy that is so detailed and stands up to intense examination.There's an interesting note from the author at the back of the book, along with an index of the Artoons and the artworks that inspired them.

Artoons is one of those books that you can pick up at any time and find something else to laugh about, it would make an ideal gift.

Peter Duggan's Artoon series has been featured on the Guardian Online since 2011.
He spent 7 years as a registrar at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney.
Moving to London in 2005, Peter has worked for several years at the prominent London commercial gallery, The Alan Cristea Gallery and has made the acquaintance of the some of the artists he has depicted.
Peter has a BA and an MA in Fine Art from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions, and has painted numerous portrait commissions over the years.
He has also made a number of short films, all of which are very silly.

Find out more about Peter Duggan at
Follow him on Twitter @duggoons


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