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Cancer Free For 20 Years by Curly Martin @CurlyMartin @BookPublicistUK #cancersurvivors #BlogTour

A humorous how to book, full of tips, tools, techniques, and the secrets I used to overcome cancer which I share with you in the hope you will be inspired. 
I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer in 1992 and I was given a maximum of nine months to live.
“Inspiring, uplifting and funny read.” Prue Gent.

This book is all about my fascinating and funny 20 year journey from cancer to coaching. Around the same times as my diagnosis I became homeless and I was unemployed. I now live a passionate, exciting, healthy, wealthy, happy life.

My story tells of my passage through the conventional medical approach consisting of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
This is then rapidly followed by funny tales of my experimenting with alternative therapies, sampling some weird concoctions and cultivating unusual remedies.
“Curly’s book is flush with guidance to have self-mastery in the face of adversity. These tricks of positivity are not just for the fearful and sick, but for all of us; I guides and tempts us to greater psychological wellbeing and well ‘being’.
Thinking well and taking care of our bodies, as Curly suggests, provides all of us with an easily applied set of life-changes that will not only make us feel better every day, but may help save our lives too.” Professor Angus McLeod, PhD
I believe that cancer can be the most powerful catalyst for change. I have deliberately written in a style which combines storytelling and facts with the hope to entertain you and educate you at the same time. “A very interesting, amusing, and thought provoking book.” Jackie Hammans.
Since the terminal diagnosis, I have become an international bestselling author of, The Coaching Handbook Series of books. I am a highly sought-after international speaker, a pioneer of life coach training and the founder of a very successful training company, Achievement Specialists Limited. I combine my personal experiences with accepted methodologies and cutting edge innovations, to create exciting, entertaining and effective approaches to living a healthy, happy and successful life.
“Her story is leagues away from being a ‘misery memoir’ and instead becomes a celebration of life, with hard earned insights which empower the reader to develop the resilience to tackle serious situations and overcome them to build a better life. In essence, this book is inspiring reading for anyone involved in any way with a terminal illness, as well a poignant reminder for all of us healthy creatures to fight the temptation to take the richness of life for granted.  Highly recommended”  Grant Willcox
Within the book I examine the need to be prepared for hospital visits, to expect to have some setbacks and what it is like living with early menopause. I plan a farewell party and raise money for cancer charities. I spend time on using humour as a healer, on drinking Ojibway Indian tea, visiting the neuro-linguistic programming museum of old beliefs, using lashings of fake tanning and removing mercury teeth fillings, to mention only a few of the topics. I cover a lot of alternative options all of which I have tried or explored. There is a lot of information in this book portrayed I hope, in a witty and laugh out loud style.

I'm delighted to host the Blog Tour for Cancer Free For 20 Years by Curly Martin, published in August last year.

Given 9 months to live, Curly found herself homeless, jobless and breaking up with a boyfriend who ‘couldn’t deal with her cancer’. She has an irrepressible spirit and energy – and her book is an unapologetic celebration of life. She shares the tips, tools and techniques she used to overcome cancer and turn her live around

Please join me in welcoming Curly to Random Things today, she's talking about the books that are import to her in My Life In Books:

My Life In Books ~ Curly Martin

Here’s my top five books – presented in no particular order. I’ve chosen these books out of my many favourites as they are the ones that still have an impact on me.

Lord of the Rings. JRR Tolkien.
I read this book during a summer break from College. I was serving coach loads of visitors in a road side cafĂ© during the day and waiting tables at a restaurant at night to earn enough money to pay for my course and lodging fees. At every opportunity, I would read this book and since that first reading I have re-read this book nine times and watched the movie twice. I will not insult you by doing a description of the book. There is a parallel between Frodo’s carrying of a huge life or death burden and my journey of carrying cancer. Like Frodo I had moments of great despair and moments of love and joy. Both of us conquered our fears and faced down the challenge to survive and thrive.

Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Joseph O’Connor & John Seymour.
This book was required reading for my Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and master practitioner courses. I have used so many of the techniques described in this book and from the study of NLP to heal my body and my mind.

Zero Limits: Joe Vitale & Ihaleakala Hew Len.
The simple message within Zero Limits has had a profound impact on my health and healing. Simply using the power of love to heal my body and my mind whilst maintaining good health was beyond transformational. The overriding message of this book is to love everything. Sounds simple but in practice is one of the hardest things to do. Try it for a day and see if you can maintain love for everything!

I have proved to myself time and again that when someone or something has the potential to be harmful to me, if I concentrate on loving the person or the thing the harmful outcome is diverted. Sounds baloney, you bet it does! Does it work, you bet it does!

Can you do it? Well that is the lifelong challenge. I spent a good amount of my time using the power of love on my body over the past 20+ years during which I have been cancer free.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity: Catherine Ponder.
I am an atheist and all of Catherin Ponder’s books are about God. Many people find it hard to understand how an atheist can find inspiration in God filled books. I simply take what I can use in my model of the world and replace God with Universe where necessary.

There are loads of really powerful sayings in Catherine’s books which are elevating and inspiring. Here is an example where I have edited the saying to support my beliefs, ‘I consciously, boldly and deliberately take hold of my thoughts and feelings and redirect them towards prosperity and success with the universe’s divine help.’

I can adapt this simple sentence to suit my needs. For example, sometimes I replace ‘prosperity’ with ‘happiness and joy’ or ‘good health and healing’ the options are boundless.

Importantly, it is about stopping endless negative internal chatter and taking back control to heal oneself. I often share my adapted Ponder quotes with my life coaching clients to enable them to move towards their goals by reducing the negative beliefs which have been holding them back from being the awesome person they are meant to be.

Making Money: Terry Pratchett.
I am a huge fan of Terry Pratchett and have every single book he has written. What I love about this book and all of his disc world books is the clever parallel paradoxes he creates with disc world and our world. The books have the ability to completely relax my mind whilst also stimulating my curiosity. I love to laugh at myself and I love to laugh aloud when I read.

Finally, if you or your loved ones are suffering from cancer, I leave you with two thoughts, you control your thoughts, so make them work to heal you. And you can love your body back to health. Both these things require dedication and consistent application, you might not see immediate results but you will definitely be better for it.

I send you love and healing in equal measures.                           Curly Martin ~ September 2017

Curly Martin, is the author of Cancer Free for 20 Years. Given 9 months to live, Curly was homeless and dealing with a relationship break up. Twenty years on she has an exciting new career in coaching and is a best-selling author and International speaker. Her book gives guidance to others facing similar challenges.

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Achievement: Cancer Free for 20 Years by Curly Martin is out now, available from Amazon, priced £13.48. 
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