Sunday 3 December 2017

One Pound Meals : Delicious Food For Less by Miguel Barclay @onepoundmeals @headlinepg @KatieVEBrown @Phoebe_Swinburn

Over 80 super-simple and tasty recipes that will save you both time and money. Here is delicious food for less.
So much more than cheap dinner ideas - here are meals that cost under a pound but look and taste a million dollars! Recipes for the whole family without breaking the bank.
Instagram chef sensation Miguel Barclay is taking the world by storm with his delicious meals that cost less than £1 per person.
'I've always loved cooking but I'm not a fan of needlessly over-complicated recipes that waste time and money.
So I've created my own style of cooking: simple ingredients, straightforward recipes and mouthwatering meals, all on a budget.
Now you can eat the food you love - from meatball marinara to chicken katsu curry, lamb moussaka to aubergine dal - all for under £1 per person.'
Miguel's easy-to-follow, ready-in-minutes recipes are for a single serving, and can all be cooked for under £1 per person - just multiply them up for more servings.

One Pound Meals by Miguel Barclay was published in paperback by Headline earlier this year.

I've been following Miguel Barclay on Instagram for over a year now; he produces gourmet recipes for less than £1 per person, and they are amazing.
In a few months, Miguel had amassed over 135,000 Instagram followers, with each video seen by 25,000 viewers in less than an hour, and he has appeared on national television to demo his recipes. In his book, One Pound Meals, Miguel has created a collection of beautiful recipes, the majority of which are brand new to the book, all for £1 or less.

OK, so I've tried lots of these recipes and it was my intention to take photographs to share on this blog post.  There are no photographs, for two reasons. The first is that I just don't 'do' presentation very well and the second is that we just ate the food, we devoured it!

The Chicken Katsu Curry is delicious and tasty and it's ready in minutes - honestly, it's minutes, not hours!  My Prawn Wanton Soup was so tasty, but sadly it looked nothing like Miguel's!

Miguel was initially fascinated with stripping back dishes to their core ingredients, interested only i maximising flavour while minimising the components. During the process, he noticed how the prices of his dishes were decreasing, cooking times were reduced, and recipes simplified as he discarded unnecessary ingredients.
Thus One Pound Meals was created. Quick, simple and full of flavour, there are recipes for every one and every occasion from an aubergine dal to fish cakes, beef lasagne and chicken and mushroom pie.

With savvy supermarket shopping swaps and time-saving tips, One Pound Meals makes cooking quicker, easier and tastier, and with less waste.
One Pound Meals includes:
* Lasagne
* Crab mac & cheese
* Chicken katsu curry
* Pork chop in a mustard & leek sauce
* Spaghetti carbonara
* Mushroom risotto
* Quiche lorraine
* Aubergine dal & chapati
* Scotch Egg
* Ultimate £1 burger
* Ham & mushroom pizza
* Pancake stack

Another great Christmas gift idea - foodies and those who are on a tight budget, and pushed for time will love this book.

Instagram chef Miguel Barclay loves thinking about recipes. 
After spending years working in restaurant kitchens, he took the professional skills he learned there to deconstruct recipes, obsessively testing and experimenting to work out the core ingredients of classic dishes.
Miguel has appeared on BBC News, ITV News and This Morning demonstrating his recipes, and he is enormously interested in reducing food waste - both for economic and environmental reasons.
One Pound Meals is his first cookery book

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  1. I second your recommendation, Anne, we have this book the every recipe we have tried has turned out well, looks good and is always good to eat.