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Come And Find Me by Sarah Hilary @sarah_hilary @headlinepg #ComeAndFindMe #DIMarnieRome

On the surface, Lara Chorley and Ruth Hull have nothing in common, other than their infatuation with Michael Vokey. Each is writing to a sadistic inmate, sharing her secrets, whispering her worst fears, craving his attention.
DI Marnie Rome understands obsession. She's finding it hard to give up her own addiction to a dangerous man: her foster brother, Stephen Keele. She wasn't able to save her parents from Stephen. She lives with that guilt every day.
As the hunt for Vokey gathers pace, Marnie fears one of the women may have found him - and is about to pay the ultimate price.

Come And Find Me by Sarah Hilary is published by Headline on 22 March 2018 and is number five in the DI Marnie Rome series. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review.

It is no secret that I am a Sarah Hilary mega-fan. The DI Marnie Rome series is probably my favourite crime series, and it really seems as though it has been such a long wait for this one.

Crime Fiction fans are well served at the moment. There's such an array of titles available, spanning a wide range of type within the genre, from cosy crime to psychological thrillers - the choice is vast. However, I do think that good, intelligent police series are sometimes difficult to find and if you haven't yet met Marnie Rome and her colleagues then I really do urge you to read this series.

As we've come to expect from this author, Come And Find Me is beautifully written, Sarah Hilary's descriptive prose; whether describing a room in a house, or the face of a convict is just sublime. The reader really sees everything and at times, can smell everything too, it's the brilliance of this incredible scene setting that raises this series above the bar.

Opening with a prison riot, the tension begins from page one. There's a animalistic savageness to these characters as the prison beats from the sound of tin trays banging on walls, and smoke engulfs the cells. The aftermath of the riot brings the central plot line; one prisoner has disappeared. A violent man who has been corresponding with women and whose letters and drawings are depraved and dangerous.

Marnie and her partner Noah are no strangers to the darker side of humanity, having been police officers for years, but also having personal experiences that are woven throughout the story. These two characters are absolutely made to work together, their instincts are in tune and the reader is treated to some emotional personal moments alongside their desperate desire to find the escaped man.

I have a desire to go on and on and on about this book. However, if I say much more about this thrilling and intelligent plot, I'll just spoil it for everyone else, so I'll shut up. Do be prepared to use your brain, don't expect Sarah Hilary to do all of the work for you. The reader needs to make a real investment in this one because nothing is quite as expected and there are themes within the story that really do smack a hard emotional punch.

This is the finest of writing. It's clever and thrilling and populated by incredible characters and follows an amazing plot. The structure is perfect, the voice is beautiful. Quite frankly, a triumph.

Sarah Hilary has worked as a bookseller, and with the Royal Navy. Her debut, SOMEONE ELSE'S SKIN, won Theakstons Crime Novel of the Year 2015 and was a World Book Night selection for 2016. The Observer's Book of the Month ("superbly disturbing”) and a Richard & Judy Book Club bestseller, it has been published worldwide. NO OTHER DARKNESS, the second in the series was shortlisted for a Barry Award in the US. Her DI Marnie Rome series continues with TASTES LIKE FEAR (2016) QUIETER THAN KILLING (2017), with COME AND FIND ME out in April 2018.

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