Thursday 13 September 2018

Dolly Alderton releases exclusive new book with The Pound Project @_pound_project @dollyalderton #PoundProject

In April this year, I was delighted to introduce you to The Pound Project; and talked about their first book; King Harry by JP Watson.

The Pound Project is thrilled to announce that its next writer is Dolly Alderton.

Alderton, widely praised as an important new voice of her generation, has found huge success as a journalist, co-host of pop culture podcast The High Low, and author of bestselling memoir Everything I Know About Love.

Now she has joined forces with innovative publisher The Pound Project to release Hopeless Romantic: a pocket-sized book in which she shares an incredibly intimate account of love, therapy, her parents, and her place in the world as an incurable dreamer.

Photograph : Credit Joanna Bongard

The Pound Project is a Birmingham-based publisher that campaigns to promote the value of writing and reading for everyone, regardless of who they are.

In a move to raise the profile of books and reading, the company has developed an original way to generate funds: each month it crowdfunds with just one short story and one writer at a time, publishing in print, online and in audio. It then pays its writers an equal and transparent share for their work.

Now on its third project, The Pound Project offers low-cost rewards to provide an accessible platform to its readers, with online offerings costing just £1 and print editions starting at £5.
Other rewards include acknowledgements in the book, tote bags, T-Shirts and places at writing workshops, where the editorial staff will help and guide new talent.

In addition, this month The Pound Project is excited to offer backers the opportunity to send Dolly’s book to a friend as a gift as part of its rewards scheme, a move it hopes will generate more interest for quality writing and important issues.

The campaign runs from September 4th-25th

Photograph credit: JP Watson

Dolly Alderton said:

"I have always wanted to be a writer and I believe that stories, ideas and opinions expressed with bold honesty, sharp wit, generosity, creative prose and in beautifully structured sentences can change the world.
"This is why I am so pleased to be involved with The Pound Project - we have more and more content available to us than ever before, and yet the respect and appreciation for both creators and consumers of it seem to be lessening.
"It's important that we value both writers and readers, which is exactly what The Pound Project is all about."

JP Watson, founder of The Pound Project, said:

“Dolly is a perceptive and brilliant writer. She turns her honest experiences into something telling to share with readers. Even though Dolly’s work is in the public space, there’s a sense that what she says is personal to whoever engages with her words and stories - like reading her diary. Her commitment to the writing community, and her willingness to discuss controversial subjects, is a testament to her character. We’re proud to be working with her.

Find details of the Kickstarter campaign here

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