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Three people, leading very different lives, are about to be brought together – with devastating consequences . . .
John has a perfect life, until the day his daughter goes missing.
Maisie cares for her patients, but hides her own traumatic past.
Miller should be an innocent child, but is obsessed with something he can’t have.
They all have something in common, though none of them know it – and the truth won’t stay hidden for long . . .
A gripping psychological thriller for fans of Clare Mackintosh, Shari Lapena and Lisa Jewell.

Lies Between Us by Ronnie Turner was published by HQ Digital on 1 October 2018 and is the author's debut novel.

Ronnie Turner is a well-established book blogger whose reviews I always enjoy. She has such an incredible insight into character and plot and I was delighted to be invited to take part in this Blog Tour for her own debut psychological thriller.  My thanks to Ronnie and to the publisher who sent my copy for review.

Lies Between Us is a very ambitious and brave novel, especially for a debut young author. There is no getting away from the fact that Ronnie Turner can write; she can create characters who leap from the page and has constructed a plot that is very complex.

Told in three voices, over three different time periods; Lies Between Us is not an easy story to settle into. The reader needs to work hard to establish each of the three narratives, and more importantly has to take heed of the date stamp at the beginning of each point of view.

Lies. There are lies and there are damn lies, and this story contains some of the biggest and most damning lies that I've come across in a work of fiction. Are the characters lying, or is it the author? As the story unfolds, there's that nagging doubt constantly in the reader's head; who is telling the truth, and how are these three voices connected?

Probably the most frightening and most compelling voice in this novel is that of Miller; a young boy sharing his innermost thoughts in the 1990s. Miller is just a child, but his observations are that of a cruel and warped wicked brain. His voice is incredibly chilling and this author doesn't hold back, there are scenes that will shock and the narrative gets increasingly darker as it progresses.

In November 2015, John Graham is a happily married author and father of six-year-old Bonnie. He and his wife Jules are expecting a second child very soon. Life for John and Jules seems fine, until Bonnie disappears. John's anguish, grief and to some extent, guilt is expertly portrayed by the author, and as letters from Bonnie's captor arrive, the tension increases. It's clear that this is a personal vendetta against John, but he has no idea why, or who. Or does he? 

The third narrator is Maisie who works as an intensive care nurse. It's January 2016 and she is caring for Tim; a man who is in a vegetative state after being attacked. His wife Heidi is pregnant and she and Maisie become close. Sharing innermost secrets, becoming friends. However, Maisie suspects that Heidi is not telling everything .... more lies perhaps?

This author keeps her readers on their toes, and although at times I got a little lost and had to go back to check the date stamp of the part of the story I was currently in,  there's this hook that keeps nagging away whilst reading; a determination that you WILL work this out. I can assure you, you probably will not!
Whilst the Tim/Heidi part of the story are essential to the plot, I did feel that Maisie's own story wasn't really needed; her own confession, to her husband Ben and then to Heidi felt a little out of the loop, although the final scenes after a surprising end reveal were very well done.

Lies Between Us is a very good debut from a young author who is obviously incredibly talented; her characters are outstanding. The premise of the story is excellent, however I'd prefer a little less confusion along the way, I do like to be challenged, but there were times when I felt a little bit too stretched whilst reading this. 

I look forward to reading more from Ronnie Turner. 

Ronnie Turner grew up in Cornwall, the youngest in a large family. 

At an early age, she discovered a love of literature and dreamed of being a published author. Ronnie now lives in Dorset with her family and three dogs. 
In her spare time, she reviews books on her blog and enjoys long walks on the coast. 
She is currently working on her second novel.

Twitter:@Ronnie_ _Turner
Facebook: @RonnieTurnerAuthor
Instagram: @ronnieturner8702

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