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From the husband and wife team, who are the storyline consultants to TV's Happy Valley and Scott & Bailey. , comes the brand new book in the D.I. Jack Dylan series, which takes the reader back to where it all began…

When Detective Jack Dylan heads home after a residential course, he has no idea that an extraordinary succession of events is about to turn his life upside down. A vicious, unprovoked attack is just the start. Soon his wife is dead and his step-daughter - dangerously depressed - is being expelled from university for drug use. And at work, two teenagers have gone missing. 

An ordinary man might break under the strain, but Dylan is no ordinary man. He knows that his survival depends on him carrying on regardless, burying himself in his work. 

He is determined to pursue the criminal elements behind the events - both personal and professional - whether his superiors like it or not. And, as his family disintegrates around him, a newcomer to the admin department, Jennifer Jones, seems to offer some sort of salvation. 

Life may have changed, but nothing will stand in the way of Dylan's quest for justice.

Poetic Justice by RC Bridgestock was published by Dome Press on 28 February 2019. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review.

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Poetic Justice is the prequel to the very popular DI Jack Dylan series. I have to hold up my hands here and admit that whilst I've been aware of this series, and the authors for a while now, I've not read any of the Dylan books. However, I was intrigued to find out that they had created a back story for their popular character in Poetic Justice and was eager to read about him.

I loved this book!  I loved the characters, the plot, the setting and the fabulous story. I am now most certainly on #TeamDylan, and it's my intention to now read the complete series.

Chapter one opens with a terrible car accident on the Yorkshire moors. A Saab has left the road and crashed down into the ravine below. When the emergency services arrive and manage to get to the wreckage it becomes clear that the female passenger is dead. The male driver is terribly burnt and in a critical condition.
The car is registered to Detective Jack Dylan. When DS Larry Banks takes the call and hears the news about Dylan's car, he is filled with dread. Dylan is not only a colleague, but a good mate.

The story skips back, ten days before, and Jack Dylan is returning home from a training course. He expects his wife Kay to be at the station to collect him, and when he finds she's not there, he decides to start to walk home. Big mistake; the next thing he knows, he's in the hospital with a gaping head wound after being attacked from behind.

The authors seem to throw everything there is at poor Jack Dylan. His marriage is shaky and his step daughter is suffering with serious mental health problems.

This is the perfect introduction to a perfectly created character. Jack Dylan has his faults but he's basically a good, honourable man and he deals with the crap that's thrown at him in a fair and just way.
I especially loved the Yorkshire setting and it's clear that the authors are very familiar with small Yorkshire towns and communities. Their expertise in policing matters also shines through in this compelling and authentic story.

Highly recommended if you like a police procedural story with excellently crafted characters.

One Copy of Poetic Justice by RC Bridgestock

R.C. Bridgestock is the name that husband and wife co-authors Robert (Bob) and Carol Bridgestock write under. 
Between them they have nearly 50 years of police experience, offering an authentic edge to their stories. 
The writing duo created the character DI Jack Dylan, a down-to-earth detective, written with warmth and humour. 
The ninth book in the series will be published by The Dome Press in 2019, along with their backlist. 

A further crime series is presently being scripted by the pair, which has a strong Yorkshire female character - Charley Mann - at the helm. 

Bob was a highly commended career detective of 30 years, retiring at the rank of Detective Superintendent. 
During his last three years, he took charge of 26 murders, 23 major incidents, over 50 suspicious deaths and numerous sexual assaults. He was also a trained hostage negotiator with suicide interventions, kidnap, terrorism and extortion. 
As a Detective Inspector he spent three years at the internationally acclaimed West Yorkshire Police Force Training School where he taught Detectives from all over the world in the whole spectrum of investigative skills and the law. 
On promotion to Detective Superintendent, Bob was seconded to a protracted enquiry investigating alleged police corruption in another force. 
He worked on the Yorkshire Ripper and Sarah Harper murder, and received praise from Crown Court Judges and Chief Constables alike for outstanding work at all ranks, including winning the much-coveted Dennis Hoban Trophy. 

As a police civilian supervisor, Carol also received a Chief Constable’s commendation for outstanding work. 
The couple are the storyline consultants / police procedural on BAFTA-winning BBC1 police drama Happy Valley and series 3 of ITV’s Scott and Bailey, and are presently working with Scott Free Production scriptwriters on two commissioned TV drama series. 

Carol started and chaired the Wight Fair Writers’ Circle in 2008, along with Bob, where she created an annual charitable community writing competition to inspire others of all ages.
 This event has raised over £10,000 for Island charities.

The couple pride themselves on being up-to-date on past and present day UK police procedures, and as a result, Bob is regularly sought by UK television, radio and national and local newspapers for comment on developing major crime incidents etc. 
They have also taken part in BBC Radio 4 (Steve) PUNT P.I. 
Together they can regularly be seen as speakers at a variety of events in the literary world and work with colleges in schools in providing writing seminars and workshops, and they also work with International TV / Film make-up artist Pamela Clare, to help inspire her students at the White Rose Colleges. 

Eight annual R.C. Bridgestock trophies are annually awarded to students. Carol and Bob are also patrons and ambassadors for several charities.

Twitter: @RCBridgestock
Facebook: @rcbridgestockauthor 
Instagram: @rcbridgestockauthor

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