Saturday 13 July 2019

Second Life by Karl Tearney @KarlTearney BLOG TOUR @fly_press #SecondLife #RandomThingsTours

As a newcomer to poetry and writing Karl has made quite an impact with his succinct and thought-provoking style. Encouraged by Emma Willis MBE after he’d sent her a thank you poem, Karl’s work has been coveted by many. His work has included appearances at festivals and readings around the country. He is hugely passionate about encouraging other sufferers of mental issues to look toward the Arts as a means of therapy.

Second Life by Karl Tearney is published by Fly on the Wall Press on 26 July 2019

I'm delighted to be taking part in the #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour today and am sharing a poem from the collection.

The Leaf

I’m a leaf without much colour
I look as if see-through
My contours start to dissipate
I’m not sure what to do
I’m in a world of colour
The vibrancy quite vast
The flash of colours everywhere
But mine have faded fast
I cover myself with paper
Use sticky bits of glue
Make myself look colourful
 It makes me look like you
But bits ‘n’ bobs will never last
They crumble, fall like dust
I’ve tried that option many times
To all my friends’ disgust
So what I need is nurturing
A nice safe place to stay
A place that I find comfortable
So I don’t fade away
Then I can grow my leaf again
To make it nice and strong
Give it a tint, a subtle hue
So then I will belong
It wont be quick nor easy
It’s going to take some time
With all of you supporting me
My leaf will be sublime

Karl Tearney enlisted into the British Army at 16 and dedicated 35 years of his life as a pilot in the Army Air Corps. 

He was medically retired in early 2016 and found great solace in writing and especially a new-found passion for poetry. he demand for his style of writing has led to National and local Television as well as Radio. In 2018, he was a panelist at the Hay literature festival, helped with a Poetry workshop at RADA and also exhibited some of his work at the ‘Art in the Aftermath’ Exhibition in Pall Mall.

Twitter @KarlTearney

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