Monday 6 July 2020

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Your husband isn't who he says he is, say the people at your door. Come with us.

Don't trust them, says a voice on the phone. Run.

Who would you believe?
In this terrifying first psychological thriller by bestselling author T.W. Ellis, one woman goes on the run and is forced to question everything she held dear . . .

A Knock on the Door by T W Ellis is published on 9 July by Sphere. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review.

Jem and Leo Tamhoffer have been married for years. They live in their dream house which was always supposed to be big enough for kids. However, their longed-for family didn't arrive and as a result Jem has become a lonely, anxious figure. She isolates herself away from the community as much as she can, only really venturing out to run a small yoga class. Leo, on the other hand, travels often, worldwide for his wine importing company.

A Knock at the Door takes place over one day, it's a very long and action-filled day which started out pretty normally. Leo is due to leave for England on a business trip and Jem seems to be in a mood, whilst Leo appears to do everything that he can to reassure her, she's edgy.

Just a few minutes after waving goodbye to Leo, there's a knock on the door. This knock is just the beginning of a chain of events that will leave the reader reeling.

The two FBI officers on her doorstep tell Jem that Leo isn't really who she thinks he is. Whilst they are talking, the phone rings and another stranger tells her that those two FBI bods are also not quite who she believes them to be. In a split second, Jem decides to run and from here on the pace never lets up as she plays cat and mouse with people who are determined to track her down.

A Knock at the Door is a thrill a minute, breathtaking read that kept me totally absorbed and entertained throughout. I loved Jem's first person narration, it felt fresh and gave some insight into her personality. There were times when I wanted to scream at her, she makes some decisions that could be disastrous and this adds a layer of intrigue into her character.

The twists and turns along the way make for an absolutely gripping read, we are never quite sure just who is the hero and who are the bad guys.

An absolute killer of a plot with an ending that totally took me surprise, I really didn't see that coming but once you've read it, it all drops into place.

This is a clever, chilling and smart. A sophisticated and complex plot that just keeps giving.

Highly recommended from me.

T W Ellis is a pseudonym for Tom Wood, a full-time writer born in Burton-on-Trent who now lives in London.
After a stint as a freelance editor and film-maker, he completed his first novel, The Hunter, which was an instant bestseller and introduced readers to the antihero assassin Victor.

The Victor novels have sold more than half-a-million copies, and Better Off Dead was a BBC Radio 2 Book Club pick.

A Knock at the Door is his first psychological thriller. 

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