Monday 23 November 2020

Love Songs For Sceptics by Christina Pishiris @ChristinaPi #LoveSongsForSceptics @simonschusterUK #BookReview


When she was a teenager, Zoë Frixos fell in love with Simon Baxter, her best friend and the boy next door. But his family moved to America before she could tell him how she felt and, like a scratched record, she’s never quite moved on. Now, almost twenty years later, Simon is heading back to London, newly single and as charming as ever . . .

But as obstacles continue to get in her way – Simon’s perfect ex-girlfriend, her brother’s big(ish) fat(ish) Greek wedding, and an obnoxious publicist determined to ruin her career – Zoë begins to wonder whether, after all these years, she and Simon just aren’t meant to be.

What if, despite what all the songs and movies say, your first love isn't always all it's cracked up to be? What if, instead Zoë and Simon are forever destined to shuffle around their feelings for each other, never quite getting the steps right . . .

Love Songs For Sceptics by Christina Pishiris was published by Simon and Schuster in paperback on 1 October 2020. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review.

This review was originally published in the Daily Express

Zoe Frixos and Simon Baxter lived next door to each as teenagers. The best of friends, Zoe’s warm Cypriot family was Simon’s refuge from his parents’ fiery relationship and when their marriage finally broke down, Simon moved to America. Zoe never did get the chance to tell him how much she loved him. 
Twenty years later, Simon is returning to London, and even though he and Zoe have kept in touch, they’ve never talked properly about their relationship.  
Simon is as charming and handsome as ever, and Zoe is determined that this time, they won’t be separated. 
However, there’s Simon’s ex-girlfriend to contend with, as well as Zoe’s brother’s upcoming wedding and a job that is on decidedly shaky ground. If Zoe can get a world-exclusive interview with recluse ex rock-star Marcie Tyler, the magazine that she edits will be saved from closure.  
Nick Jones is Marcie’s PR and Zoe has had nothing but bad experiences with him. He’s arrogant, and very handsome and is seems determined to make Zoe’s life as difficult as possible. 
This is such a wonderful fresh, funny and joyful story. It’s a story of love and of growth and the addition of song tracks and movie memories adds so much to the telling. As Zoe and Simon side step around each other, Zoe realises that long-held memories are often rose-tinted and true love may be closer to home than she ever realised. 
With a cast of extraordinary characters whose voices shout from the page, this is brilliantly written, an absolutely stunning debut. 

Fans of Beth O Leary and Mhairi McFarlane will love this!  

Christina was born in London to Greek Cypriot parents, who used to bribe her to go to family weddings by promising that George Michael might be there. To deal with the inevitable disappointment, she began making up stories on napkins and has been writing ever since.

Her debut novel, Love Songs for Sceptics, a romcom set in the world of music journalism, is published by Simon & Schuster in the UK. You can find her on Twitter: @ChristinaPi Facebook: @ChristinaPishirisAuthor and Instagram: christinapishiris

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