Thursday 20 January 2022

Should I Tell You? by Jill Mansell #PublicationDay @JillMansell @headlinepg #ShouldITellYou #BookReview

Amber, Lachlan and Raffaele met as teenagers in the Cornish seaside home of kind-hearted foster parents. Years on, the bond between them is unbreakable

But Amber has a secret. She's in love with Lachlan. She can't tell him, because that would never work - he's definitely not the settling-down type. Surely it's better to keep him as a friend than to risk losing him for good?

Raffaele has his own dilemma. He had the dream girlfriend in Vee, until it all went horribly wrong . . . and he still can't understand why. Is Vee hiding something from him?

Now their widowed foster dad Teddy has found new love. Younger, charming and beautiful, Olga seems perfect. But is she? Or will she break Teddy's fragile heart?

Against a backdrop of sparkling seas and sunny skies, the unexpected is always just around the corner. Welcome to Lanrock!

Should I Tell You? by Jill Mansell is published in hardback today; 20 January 2022 by Headline. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review. 

This review was originally published in S Magazine (16 Jan 2022)

Amber, Lachlan and Raffaele were fostered by the loving May and Teddy and grew up in Lanrock, Cornwall. Now in their thirties, all three are back living in the idyllic seaside town.

Amber owns a stained-glass studio, Raffaele has opened a hair salon and Lachlan is wowing the locals with his fine-dining restaurant. 

Their beloved foster mother May has sadly died, but, after much encouragement, Teddy books a cruise around the Mediterranean. Not only does he see new countries, also meets Olga. Since this glamorous Russian is much younger than Teddy, his foster children fear she's more interested in his wallet than his heart. 

Amber, Lachlan and Raffaele have their own romantic complications to deal with too. Raffaele is trying to get over a difficult break up. Amber has fallen hard for Lachlan and yearns to tell him how she feels. But she's scared of ruining their friendship and, anyway, he's tangled up in 'friends with benefits' relationships. Will any of them find the courage to declare their feelings?

Jill Mansell is the queen of feelgood romance but, while this is a book to make readers smile, she also tackles serious issues such as how past trauma affects present lives.

This is a witty, heartwarming story of friendship, family and enduring love. 

Jill Mansell’s books are full of love, life and friendship and have been bringing joy to readers for twenty-five years. She started writing fiction while working in the NHS, after joining a local creative writing class. She has since written over twenty Sunday Times bestsellers, including MAYBE THIS TIME, THIS COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING and YOU AND ME, ALWAYS, and her books have sold over 11 million copies around the world.

Jill's hobbies include buying stationery, particularly magical new colours of ink for the fountain pen she uses to write all her books – Jill is one of the few authors who still write their books by hand. Jill also loves people-watching and finding new characters to put in her novels. So when you’re out, make sure to always be on your best behaviour. And beware of beady-eyed authors carrying notebooks . . .

Jill keeps in touch with her readers on Twitter - @JillMansell - and Facebook - /OfficialJillMansell - Instagram @jillmansell

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