Tuesday 21 June 2022

Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister @GillianMAuthor @MichaelJBooks #WrongPlaceWrongTime #BookReview


It's every parent's nightmare.

Your happy, funny, innocent son commits a terrible crime: murdering a complete stranger.

You don't know who.

You don't know why.

You only know your teenage boy is in custody - and his future lost.

Somewhere in the past lie the answers, and you don't have a choice but to find them . . .

Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister was published in hardback on 12 May 2022 by Michael Joseph. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review. 

Quite possibly one of the hardest book reviews I've ever tried to write. To talk about the plot is far too difficult, it's complex, intriguing and structured so cleverly that anything I say would just confuse you! It's a crime novel, it's a time-slip story and it's a stylish and precise look at the strength of a mother's love and the impact that long kept secrets can have on a family.

I was able to read this in almost one sitting. It's not a short novel, there are over 400 pages. I started this as I sat in the airport waiting for a flight, I continued it as we sat on the tarmac for almost two hours, waiting for a slot to take off, and finished it during the three hour flight to Corfu. Absolutely no 'delay stress' from me, I was totally entertained throughout, hardly raising my gaze from this compelling and extremely clever story. 

Jen witnesses her teenage son Todd stab and kill a man. She is horrified and cannot believe that her usually mild mannered boy has done such a violent thing. Jen knows that Todd will go to prison for this and she has no idea which way to turn. 

The next morning, Jen wakes and it is the day before the murder happened. Todd is in his bedroom, slightly bemused by his mother's anxiety, having no idea what she saw happen. And so it continues, each day Jen wakes and she's further and further back in the past, and what she learns will turn her whole life on its head. 

I was totally and utterly transfixed by this story, it's clever and unusual and each reveal shocked me just a little bit more. It did take a while to settle into the style, but once you are in, you are in!

I have no idea how Gillian McAllister kept on top of her plot, it's seamlessly done. Really skilled writing, something a little bit different and highly recommended by me. 

Gillian McAllister is the Sunday Times Top 10 bestselling author of Everything But The Truth,
Anything You Do Say, No Further Questions, The Evidence Against You, How To Disappear and the Richard and Judy book club pick That Night.

Her latest release is Wrong Place Wrong Time, available now and selected for the Radio 2 book club.

All of her novels are standalone and can be read in any order. She is published in ten countries around the world. The Good Sister is her US debut, released by Penguin USA, and is the American title for No Further Questions. The Choice is her second American release which is the US title for Anything You Do Say.

You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @gillianmauthor. She also blogs at http://www.gillianmcallister.com.

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