Tuesday 16 May 2023

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Laura has a husband, children, a home in a city she loves. She thinks she can be happy, despite her past.

If they only knew my secret.

Until someone walks back into her life who she knows will shatter everything. Alexis was her first love. A love so exhilarating, it is impossible to resist.

I know I should end it. But I can't.

Then Alexis is found dead, and the police are knocking at Laura's door. They're asking her questions and she's telling them lies.

I didn't kill him. I promise.

Someone wants Laura to pay for what she's been running from. Someone with an obsession that they can't let go.

Obsessed by Liza North is published in hardback by Constable on 25 May 2023. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review. 

This is a tense psychological thriller, and the author's debut novel. I think it's fair to say that, just like the title, I became a little obsessed with this novel and flew through it in a couple of days. 

I do enjoy a dual time line novel, it's one of my favourite ways to read a story and this author excels with her structure in this one. It's set in present-day Edinburgh, flitting between 2018 and 2019, and there's also scenes set in a secondary school in the 1990s.

Laura is the lead character and we meet her in March 2019 just as her world crumbles around her. The year before, she met Alexis, a man who she hadn't seen for many years. She and Alexis were an item when they were in school, totally in love, never leaving each other's sides. That relationship ended suddenly, but they soon get very close again. Laura is married, with two small children. It becomes clear as the story moves on that whilst she does love her husband Ryan, it is Alexis who has always been her one true love. Laura is infatuated, obsessed, and risks her family, her friendships and her job to spend as much time with Alexis as possible. 

Alexis is then murdered. Stabbed as he walks home from a meeting with Laura at her house. She's the main suspect and her lies are exposed.

However, theres another narrative within the story. Short snappy text messages are interwoven between Laura's words, the reader doesn't know who the sender is and these add such tension and suspicion to the read. 

This is so perfectly created, the tension is almost palpable and there are NO red herrings at all, I couldn't guess what was happening, or who killed Alexis, the ending is superbly done and certainly jaw dropping. 

I was very impressed by this book and look forward to reading more from this talented author. 

Liza North is an academic, writer, and former journalist. 

She has a BA from Oxford University and a PhD in Philosophy from University College London, and has written for the Financial Times and Guardian. 
A keen cyclist, walker and lover of fancy gin, she lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two daughters

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