Thursday 30 January 2020

Develop Your Brand ~ Training for Writers ~ KURIOUS ART @AnnaCaig #BrandDevelopment #MediaTraining

Develop your brand and reach more customers: the ultimate training day with Anna Caig

​Writers write. That is what you do. But what happens when your creation is complete and you’re ready to share it with the world? How can you ensure it reaches the widest audience possible? 

What is a personal brand? How can you create one and use it to find more customers? Do you need your own website? How do you choose the right social media channels for you and what content should you be sharing?

Many creative people see their work and the marketing of their work as two separate things. But this workshop will get to the heart of why you create and use this to build an effective marketing strategy.

The workshop also includes an introductory session of media training, which is all about understanding the rules of engagement when you work with the media, and will help you feel more confident in an interview setting. It’s not just about the traditional media these days, though. Creatives are now faced with a wide range of opportunities to communicate. Whether this is through simple video content for your own website or taking a guest slot on a podcast, this training will help you focus, convey your messages and, most importantly, feel as relaxed as possible doing so.

About Anna Caig 

Anna Caig has worked in communications for 16 years, specialising in media relations, corporate reputation management and strategic marketing campaigns. 

By day she is Head of Communications at Sheffield City Council and MA Journalism tutor at The University of Sheffield. By night she writes crime and historical fiction, and reviews books for the Sheffield Telegraph and on her blog Murder Underground Broke The Camel’s Back.

Anna has trained media spokespeople to deliver information in the most challenging and high pressure situations. She began her training business to support writers to build their brand and reach more readers. She now works with traditionally, indie and self-published writers, as well as helping creatives in any discipline find a wider audience. She helps people spread the word about their work in a way that is authentic to why they create in the first place.

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