Friday 24 January 2020

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If you murder your soulmate to save your tribe, when and how will revenge and retribution arrive? Karma is coming for you.Olympic event rider Juliet Jermaine may run, but can she hide……? 
A gifted psychic but an emotional wreck, Rosetta Barrett is much more than a simple Criminal Investigation Detective seconded to a sleepy, rural English constabulary. She's part of the International psychic CID and also a high-ranking member of EPIS (Elite Paranormal Intelligence Services) a super-secret, Inter-Governmental, global organization, based in Dulce, USA.EPIS is tasked with dealing with the new realities of the twenty-first century – the rise of AI and ensuring robotic deep-learning doesn't lead to humanity’s destruction; alien visitation and cracking their telepathic communication codes; expanding psychic powers, including prophecy, in order to automate crime prediction and prevention. Also, Inter-generational Karma and time-travel, as they straighten out and atone for the crime generated wrinkles causing contorted disasters throughout history.When Juliet Jermaine's Olympic Champion horse Gothic, and its teenage stable-hand rider, are callously murdered, in what appears to be a terrorist-inspired road-rage incident, Detective Barrett immediately knows there is more to this than meets the eye and feels a powerful karmic connection to an old Apache Chief and his horse, dating back to the 1800’s. Gold-medallist rider Juliet, and Rosetta must unravel the karmic connection and also nail the present day criminals before another cycle of revenge and retribution is unleashed. Can they stop the death count inexorably rising?With Barrett’s ex-husband, a power-obsessed Foreign Office Diplomat to Russia being the prime suspect, Jermaine not taking the karmic connection seriously and the EPIS time-portal out of action, since the ET's unexpectedly hijacked it, is Detective Barrett in way too deep this time? The murder investigation takes first Rosetta and then Juliet to Southern Ireland, where they both fall for the devilishly handsome, Irish-Traveller horse dealer, Tommy Rafferty. Does Tommy know more about the road rage deaths than he's letting on and ultimately will he betray his soul mate, to save his tribe?Finally, seeking closure, Juliet and Rosetta find themselves near EPIS headquarters, around a camp- fire on the red-tinged, wide rolling plains of the nearby Native American reservation.........

As part of the #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour for Spirit of Prophecy by Jill Hughes, I am delighted to offer one copy of the book to a lucky reader today.

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Engrossing and thought provoking, Spirit of Prophecy takes readers not only on an exciting murder mystery but to a much deeper level of engagement. It explores, in these momentous times of change, how human awareness is expanding - not without challenge! - to re-member a greater understanding of who we really are.
And in inter-weaving the ordinary and extraordinary experiences of its heroine, its how's that her empowering intuitive and 'super-normal' perceptions are innate capabilities of all of us, if we choose to be open to them.
Hughes delivers a complex case of weighty history, violent trauma, and untold mystery in this debut paranormal thriller. The novel's short chapters and tight pacing keep the pages turning and allow for rapid shifts between characters' points of view without becoming confusing.
The prose never neglects description but tackles it efficiently, couching it in the characters' natural voices. The prose grounds the action quickly, and Rosetta, [a Psychic Detective,] as a character, connects with readers powerfully and immediately; her anger and sense of duty ring true from the outset.
KIRKUS REVIEWS [Professional Review]
The combination of paranormal, crime, and sci-fi genres with an intriguing premise will hook any readers who really appreciate a healthy fusion of themes.
The prose is clear cut and the transitions between different characters' POVs as well as the timeline are deftly handled. The plot is well thought out, and much more intricate and extensive than anticipated.
Overall, Spirit of Prophecy is a roller-coaster journey of intrigue and suspense, a very solid read from Hughes.

One Copy of Spirit Of Prophecy by Jill Hughes

Jill Hughes was born in Cottingley, a quaint little village in West Yorkshire, UK. Her grandfather Arthur Shackleton [was related to Sir Ernest Shackleton, the polar explorer - but the furthest grand-dad travelled perhaps was up the road to the men-only social club, but then he rose early and worked long and hard and filled the house with the amazing aromas of freshly baked cakes and could not be kneading dough and adventuring at the same time. Mouths always have to be fed, don't they and baking is hard, hot, thirsty work] Jill Hughes parents Margaret and Arnold Simpson lived with her grandfather above the shop, the house was large, old and rambling with a proliferation of attics and spider filled cellars, if you cared to look closely - generally the author did not, preferring to spend her time playing catch, hop-scotch and the like in the cobbled streets, catching minnows in the beck [a small stream] or swimming beneath the waterfall which is famous for fairies, after two local girls [Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths] photographed them in 1917 [Or did they?]. Subsequently the photo's proved to be fake, and this inspired a movie called 'Fairy Tale: A True Story' which starred Peter O'Toole playing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [the creator/author of Sherlock Holmes.] He was taken in by the hoax, but then again to this day Jill Hughes believes in elves/fairies/mermaids/unicorns and all things Elemental and Other Worldly.

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