Thursday 27 April 2023

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‘Leave the squirrels alone,’ Almond said, following Scrappy up the path. ‘You have terrorised them more than enough today.’
Scrappy growled more loudly. Almond jogged up to him and crouched. Scrappy sniffed the air again. The shrubs in the direction they faced rustled. A deep rumble sounded from behind them.
‘Go, Scrappy,’ Almond shouted, charging up the path. ‘Run!’

In the far south-eastern corner of the horse lands, a man and his dog are suddenly thrust into a world of slavery. With seemingly no way out, Almond holds on to hope of freedom.

A tale of bravery and resolve, Almond and the Lanista is a story of a man who refuses to break the promise he made to his one and only love. A promise he made to help him forget his hidden past.

Almond and the Lanista by G J Kemp was published in paperback on 6 March 2023, and is the Acre Story Book 2.1
As part of this #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour, I am delighted to have one print copy to give away. Entry is simple; just fill out the widget in the blog post. UK entries only please. 


One copy of Almond and the Lanister by G J Kemp

The Acre Series

From their windows, balconies, and gardens of their homes, the residents of the land of Acre stare north at the ominous black clouds that crawl across their beloved skies. Under the clouds, a darkness has befallen the majestic City of Lynn.

Within the city, a cornered Queen, once true and just, now plays a game of cat and mouse with the races of Acre. Each season, as the Queen fights for control, the ‘Unknowns’ from the North approach. With them comes the stench of evil, fear, and death.

But… there is hope. A lost legend now awakened.

A set of dormant orbs lay in the gnarled hands of an old man. One by one, the dull orbs spark and swirl to life. Somewhere within the City of Lynn, the Scroll of Equals remains hidden. It’s text, supplied by the gods, awaits the chosen who may one day save the land of Acre.

Or so the legend says.

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