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How well do your family really know you?

Belle can’t wait to finally have her twins all to herself after their first term at university. 
But when Kit unexpectedly brings back her boyfriend Ivo, Belle has to welcome him into their home. 

Charming and confident, Ivo soon wins over the family, but Belle can’t shake a strange feeling. 
And when Ivo reveals he knows a lot more about Belle than he first let on, she realises his intrusion into their lives could destroy everything she has built. 

How far is Belle willing to go to protect her family and herself?  

Twin Truths by Jacqueline Sutherland was published in paperback on 6 April 2023 by Point Blank / Oneworld. My thanks to the publisher who sent my copy for review as part of this #RandomThingsTours Blog Tour 

Twin Truths is a book that took me totally by surprise. It begins as a tale of family life, and then turns into a tense, page turning thriller that delivers surprise after surprise. I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Belle and David are looking forward to welcoming their twin girls; Kit and Jess, home for the Christmas holidays. They are both away at different universities and this is their first visit home. Quite unexpectedly, Kit asks if she can bring her boyfriend Ivo home for the holiday. Although Belle would far rather it was just her own little family together, she agrees that Ivo can join them.

Ivo seems like a nice lad, a little older than Kit, but well mannered and gracious. Kit is obsessed with him, she's obviously fallen head over heels, sticking to his side like a limpet. Showing him the local sights in the small seaside town where they grew up. Ivo also charms Morag; Belle's mother-in-law who lives in an apartment joined to their house. Morag is well known for her sharp tongue, often making Belle feel unwanted, yet Ivo has totally entranced her. 

However, Belle just cannot warm to Ivo. She's not sure what it is, but there's something about him that makes her feel very uneasy ..... and then he begins to drop hints ..... and then Belle realises that maybe Ivo knows far more about her than she'd like. His knowledge could destroy her and the family that she's created. 

Belle is an avid swimmer. Every single morning of the year, despite the weather, she swims in the sea. Each chapter begins with Belle's swim that day. This is such a clever way to incorporate the tension and feelings that the characters are feeling. As the sea temperature drops, and Belle contemplates things as she swims, this mirrors what is happening at home. 

Interwoven with the present day narrative, we have short chapters that tell us more about Belle's younger years, when she was newly married, and before the twins were born. As the reader learns more about Belle, and then watches Ivo's behaviour, it becomes more than apparent that there are links. 

Pulsating with tension, this is a novel that I savoured. The characters are incredibly well created and the seaside town setting is perfect for the mood. This author really can write a heart pounding thriller. 
Highly recommended by me. 

Jacqueline (Jack) Sutherland worked in corporate PR and marketing for over twenty years. 
She began her debut thriller, The Coffin Club (Point Blank,  2022) when she signed up for the 2020 Faber Academy Write Your Novel course, which she described as the best thing she’s ever done. 

Jack lives in Guildford with her husband and their four sons.  

Twitter @writerjac

Instagram @jacquelinesutherland13

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