Saturday 5 March 2011

Cat Shaped Paperclips

What a wonderfully weird package to receive!  A cute little box containing paperclips in the shape of a cat - the oddest, yet strangely loveliest thing I've seen for a long time.  A friend sent these to me, she knows me well - my love for cats and my strange addiction to stationery.

I've been a bit of a stationery freak for as long as I can remember - pens and post-it notes and bull-dog clips with patterns on - I have them all!
I remember going to town with my best friend, we were aged about 10 and we were allowed to get the bus to town for the first time on our own. We lived in a rural village in North Nottinghamshire and the nearest market town was around 12 miles away.  The bus journey was 22p for the return journey.  It's pretty unimaginable that two 10 year old girls would travel by themselves on the bus to town nowadays, but things just seemed so different then.  We would have a couple of pounds each to spend and usually spent the lot on pens and pencils and notebooks - oh and posters of Charlies Angels too.
35 years later and I'm still collecting little bits of stationery, mine is the desk in the office with the coloured stickers, the glittery rulers and the bright pink calculator.  My manager at a previous job christened me Pauline - for my love of pens, only fans of The League of Gentlemen will understand that joke, I was well known for having the biggest collection of pens in the building - and I still do.
Cat shaped paperclips - who thought of that idea??

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