Saturday 26 March 2011

More Stationery for Me!

It seems that I am not the only stationery addict amongst my friends.  I've discovered that quite a few of them have a similar love of pens, sticky notes and glittery pens too - maybe we are strangely drawn to each other.
My friend Deborah has recently added to my pen hoard, she sent me a very lovely pen and a diary this week, she runs a small business called Claims Care Centre and helps people make compensation claims.  Her pens are very good quality - I do like a good writer (as my Mum would say).

It's been such fabulous weather for the past couple of days, I love spring - daffodils, lambs, blossom - it really makes me feel quite happy.  What I really don't like though is the yards of white flesh that suddenly makes an appearance as soon as the sun pops out from the clouds. Vest tops, crop tops, tiny shorts, hairy legs - I've seen them all this week!   It's been warm yes, but it's not that warm!

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