Wednesday 23 March 2011

Portable Scanner

I really like this Amazon Vine programme, I've now had two books and a Canon Portable Scanner - all for free - it's great.  My only obligation is that I must review at least 75% of the items that I receive and as I enjoy doing reviews, that's fine by me!
The scanner is fabulous!  It arrived last week and I've had fun testing it out, if I can work it, then anyone can.  It's really handy, especially for old photos that I want to keep on a CD, or add to Facebook.

It's the Canon imageFORMULA P-150 High Speed Portable Document Scanner

Here's my review for Amazon:

"This scanner really is a great little tool - especially for the home office when space is at a premium, and if you need to scan whilst on the move, it is the perfect tool.
It's sleek and attractive, easy to use - the perfect scanner!
The scanner has an automatic duplex - it scans both sides without having to re-insert the document and holds up to 20 pages at a time - and it's so tiny, folds down to just under 10cm.
It runs from a single USB port and you can use the mains too.
I expected it to be a little slow, but it was really fast and seemed no slower than larger scanners that I've used.  The documents went through smoothly, with no creasing or jamming and the quality of the scanned picture is top class.
Very very simple for anyone to set up and to use - I didn't have to use the enclosed disc when using the scanner with my notepad, it was all up and running within minutes.
This is an excellent product, sleek and attractive, easy to use with great quality finished products."


  1. Do Amazon Vine have to contact you about becoming a reviewer? I looked at the site as I buy a lot from Amazon and do put reviews on there, but when I read it, it looked like it was invitation only. We recently bought a scanner/printer from Amazon too.

  2. Yes Lisa - it's by invitation only. I was surprised and really chuffed to be invited. I'm not sure, but I think that it is all to do with how many people mark your reviews as 'useful' -keep posting lots of reviews!