Thursday 10 March 2011

Chocolate and Book Chat

It's been a really busy week, my feet have hardly touched the floor and I'm shattered.  It's been a nice week too, with lots of great things done.  On Tuesday we went out for a meal to The Inn on The Green in a little village called Ingham for Martin's birthday with some of our greatest friends and last night I went to Waterstone's in Lincoln to hear author Karen Maitland talk about her new book The Gallows Curse.

Our meal was fabulous, I went for grilled salmon with bubble and squeak AND chips - I can never resist those crispy chips with soft insides.  I ate the lot and had rhurbarb upside down cake with ginger ice cream to finish off with.  Very yummy!

Karen Maitland is a fascinating author.  I don't tend to read a lot of historical fiction, but really enjoy her books - she tends to write about ordinary people, rather than royalty and the gentry which I much prefer.  I'm looking forward to reading The Gallows Curse and will be sure to post my thoughts on here soon.

I also received the most fantastic parcel - a competition prize that I won via Twitter.  £30 worth of the most fantastic, wonderful chocolate that I've ever come across.

They are from the wonderful people at Chocolate and Love and was run by Chocablog. 

It contains the most awesome flavours and I'm dying to taste the white chocolate with raspberries  - I'm going to have a feast!  

Thanks guys x

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