Thursday 3 March 2011

Pouches and Ashtrays

What a busy day!  Non stop meetings with loads of work to get done as a result, I think I inhaled my chicken sandwich and lemon drizzle doughnut - they didn't seem to touch the sides.

No random items through my letterbox today - only one that I expected.  Brilliant service from - I ordered a new tobacco pouch for Martin yesterday and it arrived today.  It's Martin's birthday on Tuesday - it's also pancake day - I wonder if I could get away with a candle on his pancake instead of a real cake?

Smoking - I expect I shouldn't really admit to that very dirty habit online, but I will.  Sometimes if you actually admit out loud that you smoke, people will look at you with 'that' face - you know the one, they look at you like you've just run over their pet dog or something.
I often think that if I said that I kidnap small children off the street and send them out shop-lifting people would be more accepting.

We smoke, not loads and loads, just a few, every now and then.  Never in the house, or in other people's houses - usually on the decking outside or in the pub beer garden on quiz night.  Believe it or not, the smoker's corner outside the pub is usually the place where the best fun is had.

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  1. One reason I miss smoking is the craic you get from the other smokers outside the pub. I won't give you "that" face as if you enjoy it and want to do it then keep doing it. Xx