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Hello, welcome to Random Things Through My Letterbox

When I was a small child at primary school I ordered a book called 'Free Stuff for Kids', and that's when my obsession with receiving things through the post began. 

 Now I'm over 50 and I still receive random items on a weekly basis. Books, hair dye, loaves of bread, stop-snoring devices are just a few of the delights I've received. 

So, I thought I'd share my delights with everyone else. I'm not talking about bills and takeaway menus - everyone receives those.

I'll review the books, test out the products - or get someone to test them for me. If you'd like to send something to arrive through my letter box, please do and I'll let you know what I think of it. I work at at our local Hospice, and also do some freelance PR and Admin for publishers. 

I live in Lincolnshire. I've been married to Martin since 1998, we have a rascal cats called Costa

I organise Book Blog Tours for authors and publishers at Random Things Tours

I'm a judge for the CWA Dagger Awards and I review women's contemporary fiction for the Daily Express 

 If you would like me to review anything for you; books, music, food - most anything (although I don't read ebooks), then please drop me a line, either via my Twitter account @annecater, or via email; anne.lcdp@hotmail.co.uk I hope you enjoy my ramblings.

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