Monday 4 April 2011

Treats for Costa and Nero

My boy cat, Nero has this strange 'thing' about the post that comes through the letterbox.

Without fail, he rushes to the door as soon as he hears the letterbox go.  I came home on Friday to find post strewn across the living room floor - he drags the letters and parcels and they have little teeth marks all over the packages.

He even managed to drag a small parcel upstairs one day.  I thought I was going slightly mad when Martin asked me why there was a book parcel in the bottom of his wardrobe - did I put it there?, am I losing my marbles?  It wasn't until it was examined closely and the teeth marks were noticed that we worked out that Nero must have actually dragged it up the stairs and into our room.

The cat is bonkers!

I do worry that he will steal something really important one day and hide it.

Anyway I got to the post before Nero today, lucky really as one of the packages contained some cat biccies from Purina - a small bag of 'only the best will do for your cats' biscuits.

 If Nero had got a sniff of those that parcel would have been shredded.  So, nothing exciting for me but tasty treats for the puddy cats.


  1. I love it Anne, Trixie runs to the door when she hears the post but I have yet to see her do anything other than sniff at it. You should try and catch him on video xx

  2. He's a nightmare! He collects the red elastic bands that the postie drops and brings them home too!

  3. We have two cats aged 4. Both sisters, 1 is black and the other seal-point siamese. The black one is a terror. She steals anything shiny and pens! I lost an earing one day from my bedside table and I found it under the back bed along with some other things that seemed to have disappeared. She hides them. It's naughty but so funny!

  4. Hi Lisa, our two are brother and sister too, but are so different, you would hardly believe that they came from the same litter. Both adorable though and both very naughty!