Sunday 8 May 2011

More Presents for Costa and Nero

A parcel arrived for Costa and Nero on Friday - a big bag of Royal Canin cat food - from a lovely book friend who had won some in a competition.
Costa and Nero sunning themselves
Costa and Nero are incredibly spoilt brats who find it amusing to turn their noses up at food that was perfectly acceptable yesterday, or even this morning.  They look at you with 'that' glare - as if to say 'what on earth is this muck that you expect us to eat?'     Oh, I've tried every food - cheap food, expensive food, jelly, pate, morsels - the lot.   At first they wolf it down with gusto and then, half way through a box, it is discarded.
They've had their first taste of the Royal Canin - and they approve!  Well, today they do, who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Wonder who rules this household?


  1. Lmao it is true Anne, cats don't have owners they have slaves! xx

  2. What is it with cats? Why do we fall for it everytime? I buy them a bulk supply of food them seem to wolf down with enjoyment and then 2 days later they don't want it! My neighbour and I are always swapping cat food as her's are the same. I try and give them different flavours at each sitting thinking that I wouldn't like to be given chicken every meal time every day, but no they still turn their noses up.
    Rattle the whiskas treat temptation pot at them each night though and they're there! They seem to know that if we're home and it's 9pm then it's treat time and they both sit and stare at you until you give them their treats.
    Don't we all just love our cats! We definately are their slaves! lol