Wednesday 15 June 2011

I Am God by Giorgio Faletti

Crime fiction is not my favourite genre, but when it is done well, I really do enjoy it.

Emily and Jamie from Constable Robinson publishers regularly feed my reading needs, sending me a wide assortment of their titles to try.  

When I Am God by Giorgio Faletti dropped through the letterbox, I really wasn't sure what to think - the cover alone is enough to scare the pants off you and the blurb on the back is intriguing.

So, a couple of days later, I finally raise my head from the pages, and it really has been the most fabulous read, to use a well-worn phrase; 'I really couldn't put it down'.

This is a very cleverly written novel, with a wide cast of characters who at first seem to have nothing whatsoever to link them, as the story unfolds, these characters become more and more entwined within this gripping story.

There is a serial killer on the loose.  A serial killer with a difference - the police are aware that there are buildings in New York city that have mines in their foundations - they were put there at the time of construction and someone, somewhere is making sure that they are detonated.  

Vivian Light is the policewoman in charge of the investigation and the chase to find the killer and what follows is a superbly crafted thriller with red-herrings, twists and unexpected events galore - keeping the interest of the reader throughout the story.

An unpredictable story line, an astounding ending and some really realistic characters - added to a sense of tension that is almost unbearable towards the end, this novel is a real triumph of a thriller.

Many thanks, as always to Emily and Jamie for sending me some fantastic reading material.


  1. sounds right up my alley- might have to check this out! Thanx Anne xx sparky

  2. Mark - I remember your tastes and I'm sure you would really enjoy this one. Good to hear from you!

  3. Sounds like one for the neverending wishlist :)

  4. Ooh Anne - sounds right up my street!