Friday, 21 October 2011

Cooking For Claudine by John Baxter

Cooking For Claudine is published by Short Books.  John Baxter is a writer and film-maker.  A native Australian, he has also lived in the USA and the UK.  

Cooking a meal for your new in-laws is probably one of the most nerve-wracking events imaginable, but when those in-laws are French, and Parisians at that, then it becomes a nightmare. Even worse if, like John Baxter, you are Australian and have been raised on good plain tucker ...... and beer.
John Baxter is a well-known film critic and book lover and this is his story of how he fell in love with a French lady, married her and moved to Paris.  He writes with warmth and humour, describing his new family members so perfectly that you almost feel as though you know them personally.
This is not just a memoir, it is a history of food, and especially of French cookery, it's a travel story too.  John is educated by his new family and neighbours in the ways of French life, French cooker and French etiquette. In turn he teaches them about spices and pork crackling, risking their sneers by doing things his way.

Cooking For Claudine will appeal to foodies, to Francophiles and to memoir fans.  John Baxter is an accomplished author, and this is a really enjoyable read with the added bonus of some fabulous black and white line drawings to illustrate the story.

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