Wednesday 28 December 2011

The Golden Thread by Monica Carly

I recently received a copy of The Golden Thread by Monica Carly for review from Newbooks Magazine.  

The Golden Thread will be published on 28 January 2012 by Troubador Publishing Limited.

This novel really is a joy to read.  It is the story of two women; Claudia and Maria, sisters who grew up happily together.

The sisters loved and respected each other, but have now reached old-age having not seen or spoken to each other for forty years.  

The reader is introduced to Claudia on the day of her retirement as a Headteacher.  Claudia is a lonely lady, full of bitterness and regret and with nothing to look forward to in life except the company of her cat and her memories.  

As Claudia reflects on her life, the cause of her sadness is revealed to the reader, and this really is a sad sad story.

Interwoven into Claudia's story is that of her sister Maria and also Fran, a younger woman who pulls the whole plot together.

The Golden Thread is an expertly written story of love, relationships, regret and loss.  Each of the characters have their own story and these are very cleverly woven together to make a seamless story.

Monica Carly

This is Monica Carly's second novel, her first novel; Fraser's Line was published in 2009.  

Carly's own story is a fascinating one, she has self-published both of these novels herself and started writing at the age of 73 when her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

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  1. I spotted this on newbooks - it sounds like a lovely book.Thanks for reviewing it :)