Sunday 15 January 2012

The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman

The Tiny Wife by Andrew Kaufman

Very small, but oh so beautifully formed.   

The Tiny Wife is really a novella at 88 pages and it is very easy to read the whole book in just one sitting, in fact I expect anyone who picks this up will not put it down again until they have read to the very last line.  

Beautifully presented in a gorgeous little hardback volume - very similar to the Ladybird books that we all know and love from our childhood, and illustrated expertly with silhouette drawings by the very talented Tom Percival.

An astounding story that really amazed me, and yes it can be classed as magical realism, and yes, that's a genre that I usually steer well clear from, but this novel really worked it's magic on me.

So very short, but perfectly put together, not one extra word would be needed and not one word is wasted.

Is it a love story?  Is it a warning?  Is is a fable, or is it just fantasy?   Take a couple of hours out, settle yourself down and read it for yourself - you really won't regret it.

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  1. Great review as always Anne, I have this on my wishlist - may need to bump it up the list of to buy next