Tuesday 7 February 2012

Collecting Gadgets & Games from the 1950s - 90s by Daniel Blythe

OK, so the title is not very inspiring and it doesn't sound like any of the other books that I've reviewed on this blog, but believe me, this is a gem of a book. I laughed out loud, I signed with nostalgia, I nodded in agreement - I enjoyed every page of it.

Published in November 2011 by Pen and Sword Books, this is Daniel Blythe's first book in their 'Remember When's series. Blythe is a well established author, writing fiction for both adults and children and a collection of non-fiction too.

Collecting Gadgets & Games is a real trip down memory lane and takes you back to the simplicity that was childhood in the days before computers, internet and 3D movies. In fact, before the days of four channels on the TV, days when children all over the land were transfixed by a spring that could climb the stairs (The Slinky), or a round orange ball with a weird face that transported you around the garden (The Spacehopper).

We are all guilty of looking back at our childhood with rose-tinted spectacles, wishing we were all that innocent and easily pleased again, and this book just adds to those feelings.

Daniel Blythe writes a social history book with humour. At the turn of every page the reader discovers yet another long-forgotten classic toy, and the memories return.

Very enjoyable to read, full of some interesting and sometimes bizarre facts - Brilliant!

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  1. I know somebody who would love this one, my husband! It's a good point that when there wasn't so much tv and computer games, actual physical games etc were played with much more I guess. Will look out for this one.