Monday 9 April 2012

Deity by Steven Dunne

I have been absolutely gripped by Steven Dunne's third novel Deity for the past two days and even though I have not read the first two novels in this series featuring D I Damen Brook I was hooked from the opening paragraphs.

Deity will be published in hardback by Headline on 26 April 2012, the paperback is released on 21 June.  Set in the city of Derby and featuring the dark and brooding Detective Inspector Damen Brook, this is number three of a series, the follow-up to The Reaper and The Disciple.

I'm really picky about crime novels, I want a clever plot with characters that are three-dimensional, realistic and intelligent, I want a plot that grips, that makes me lose track of time and that I don't work out for myself before the end.   Deity delivers all of those things, and more, much much more.    This is one of the cleverest, slickest and at times, terrifying stories that I've read for a long long time - a sick, twisted psychopathic serial killer matched by an intelligent, if somewhat flawed Detective.   Damon Brook has a history which is referred to during the story, not having read the first two books in the series in no way spoils this one, the reader learns enough about Brook's past to understand his psyche, and to warm to him, and to forgive his straightforward, almost rude mannerisms.

Brook is investigating two cases which on the face of it appear quite separate - a couple of murdered 'tramps' who are missing some vital organs and the disappearance of four local college students.  As Brooks and his team delve deeper into each case, it becomes clear that they are linked, it also becomes clear that there is a dangerous, warped and extremely clever person behind the horrific crimes.
Steven Dunne

With clever twists along the way, a couple of red herrings thrown in for good measure, some seriously scary detail and a cast of characters who jump from the page, this book ticks every ingredient for a perfect read.

My mission now is to get out and buy copies of the first two in the series.

Many many thanks go to Sam Eades from Headline for sending my copy for review.


  1. I am even fussier in that I would have been unable to even consider reading book three in a series without reading the earlier ones first.

  2. I didn't realist that it was number 3 until I was half way through it!