Sunday 20 May 2012

Stay Close by Harlan Coben

I received my copy of Harlan Coben's latest stand-alone novel Stay Close via the Real Readers programme. I'm not sure why, but I've never even thought about reading any of his books before, I do enjoy a good thriller but am often put off by a series, and wasn't aware that Coben had written any stand-alones.

Stay Close has a complex plot line with a lot of characters, at times it becomes a little complicated, but the writing style more than compensates for that. Coben writes with ease, the story rushes along at top speed with the obligatory twists and turns, red-herrings and dead ends that are the makings of a great crime thriller.

The story centres around Megan, who appears to be an ordinary all-American housewife, with two kids and a good husband; but Megan has a past, there are people who will remember her as Cassie - a good-time girl who worked the sleazy bars and lived life at the edge.  

When Megan revisits her past, her new life begins to unravel.  

Ray is a wreck, an ex-boyfriend of Cassie, his life has been one big mess for the past seventeen years, ever since Stewart Green disappeared - Ray can't forget the blood.

Detective Broome has been haunted by the unsolved case of Stewart Green and is determined that one day he will uncover the truth, little does he know that the case is going to explode again around him with full force.

Add in a few shady underworld characters and two of the most unlikely psychopaths ever created and this makes a great story.

I really enjoyed this read, it has the plot, the characters, the unexpected ending and the pace that keeps the reader turning the pages quickly.


  1. I like Harlen Coben, never read his stand alone though didn't know they existed, thanks for reviewing and another to watch out for.


  2. Oooh, the only Harlan Coben I have read is Tell No One which is also a stand alone as far as I'm aware. It's absolutely fantastic and the French film adaptation is one of my favourite films of all time - Coben himself was reduced to tears at what a brilliant job they had done on watching it for the first time! Can highly, highly recommend both of those.

  3. Another one to look out for. Thanks for the review....I just love Harlan Coben.