Tuesday 25 September 2012

Chin Up Britain by Jenny Eclair

The nights are getting darker earlier, the weather has turned ultra nasty, the Government are threatening yet more cuts and Jersey Royals have disappeared from the shops.  After the wonderful world of the Olympics over the summer and the flag-waving celebrations of the Diamond Jubilee it's back down to earth with a bump for Britain.

Chin Up Britain .... Restoring Common Sense to the Nation by Jenny Eclair (with a bit of help from Judith Holder) is the perfect antidote to the general miserableness that I feel at the beginning of Autumn.
Jenny Eclair always makes me laugh, whether she's being a Grumpy Old Woman, roughing it on I'm A Celebrity or trying to cook on Masterchef.

I remember reading her first novel Camberwell Beauty, well over ten years ago now, and laughing so hard and so loud.  I was delighted to come across Chin Up Britain and I would now like to adopt it as my personal bible.   I've been training to be a Grumpy Old Woman for many years now although I'm sure that most people just think I'm a bit of a sarky bitch.

Jenny Eclair calls her book 'part manifesto, part guidebook, part call to arms .... a book for people who want to see some sense restored to society.'    Yes, let's bring back common sense, I am fed up with sighing so much every time I watch the news, or go to the Co-op, or even open my post.

Chapters include; Cheap Chic,  The Chin Up Guide to Gatecrashing and Some Ideas To Make You Feel Richer - I laughed, I nodded, I snorted ...... I seriously considered actually doing some of these.

One of my very favourite tips from the book is under the Home Economics section - How to Feed A Family of Four Without Spending Any Money:

"Simply arrive at people's houses at mealtimes; they'll be far too embarrassed not to ask you to join them. Yum, yum - tuck in."

The perfect pick-you-up, I loved reading this book.  Jenny Eclair is extremely funny, and always right!!

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