Wednesday 30 January 2013

Kate Revill ~ Illustrator : A Gainsborough Girl!

Oh how I love Gok Wan!   I've watched his TV programmes with longing for years and always thought how wonderful it would to go shopping with him.   Despite being a 4'11" midget, with no shape and having to resort to buying children's trousers, I'm sure that Gok could transform me - he could, I know he could!

I settled down to watch his latest series; Gok's Style Secrets last Wednesday with anticipation, dreaming that one day it would be me on his arm - floating through Zara and finding clothes to magically make me appear taller and bustier.

My New Show – Gok’s Style Secrets

Gok's Style SecretsMy new brand new show, Gok’s Style Secrets, starts onWednesday 2 January on Channel 4 at 8pm. I’ll be helping a few of Britain’s 15m singles to look and feel their best.
With my very own ‘how to guide’ for attracting the opposite sex, I’ll be dishing out advice on what to wear, say and do on a date!

In this episode he was working with a girl called Kate, a really pretty girl who hadn't had a boyfriend for 10 years, as Gok sent her off an a arranged date she let slip that she was from Gainsborough; in her words "a little town that nobody has heard of, nothing happens there".    She's right, not much does happen in Gainsborough and Kate being on Gok's show was probably the most exciting thing to occur for ages.   The programme went on and Kate was transformed by Gok - and she was soon strutting her stuff around some arty types in a gallery in Lincoln.   Kate is a very talented girl, I went off to check out her website and was stunned by her art - it's really fantastic.   Kate's got a couple of exhibitions lined up and is going to start selling her work through her website soon.  I'm desperate to get a print of her Heath Ledger as The Joker drawing - it's amazing.  There are a couple of other prints that I'd love a copy of too.

I contacted Kate after the programme, to ask if she would be OK if I mentioned her work on my blog and she said that would be fine.

Do check out her website here, and if you missed the episode where Kate was transformed by Gok, you can catch up via the Channel 4 website here.

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  1. I love Gok too Anne - and thought last night show was great. We all want to be Gokked!