Sunday 17 March 2013

Cat Food and Human Biscuits!

A very very random couple of items popped through my letterbox at the end of last week.  On Thursday morning I opened a package to find an eight-pack of Kit Kat biscuits.  I had no idea where they had come from, but they were very welcome.  I found an email later that day to tell me that I'd won them through a prize draw - I don't remembering entering it though.

Last weekend, Martin and I went to York for his birthday and whilst we were there we visited the York's Chocolate Story - a fairly new attraction in the city.  It's really good fun, with a tour and interactive displays, and lots of chocolate tasters.  The Kit Kat is one of the most successful chocolate bars ever to come out York and was developed after consulting with local people who said they wanted a chocolate bar that they could take in their lunch box and eat a bit now and save some for later.  I must admit that I do love Kit Kats, but am not keen on all of the new flavours that are introduced.   We think that we've got some odd flavours here in the UK?   That's nothing compared to what's available in Japan!

Sweet Potato Kit Kat                               Soy Sauce Kit Kat                                              Apple Vinegar Kit Kat         

Oh, and then on Friday morning, the letterbox went again, this time it was food for Costa and Nero.  A trial pack of Sensations Sauce Surprise from Felix

Costa and Nero are possibly the fussiest cats I've ever come across and drive me to despair with their squeaking for food.  They start a new brand, lap it up for a day or so, only to turn their noses up at exactly the same food the very next day.  They loved this new food and lapped it up - how long will that last?

Nero and Costa                                 Felix Sensations


  1. Those Kit Kats...the mind boggles!!! Soy sauce?!

  2. Hi Marie. I know, don't they sound gross?? They also have hot dog flavour!!!!

  3. Anne just stopped by to say what a fab pic of the cats..... Felix should use this!!

  4. Thanks Susan, it's one of my favourite photos of them. Makes them look very sweet, instead of the rascals that they are!

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