Friday 19 April 2013

Lovely Friday Randomness!

Today has been a lovely day.   It's only 11am, it's raining and it's cold, but today has been a lovely day!

I was upstairs, sorting some emails, writing a report for funders and the doorbell went.  I skipped downstairs (well, in my head I skipped, I actually didn't really!), opened the door and the postie handed over a small parcel.   Mysterious thinks me - why is that fabulous Angi Holden sending me a parcel?   She does owe me a postcard for a book review that she's doing for me, so why a parcel?

I opened it up, and oh! little skips of joy.  Angi has sent me a mermaid!  A lovely mermaid from the top of a cupcake, and not just any old cupcake, but one from the launch party of The Drowning of Arthur Braxton by Caroline Smailes (I reviewed it, you really should read it, my review is here).

Look at my lovely mermaid (top picture), the bottom picture shows those clever cakes from the launch party.

I was sad that I missed the launch party, but I had work commitments.  Now I'm happy - I have a mermaid.

Thanks Angi xxxxx

I was also really lucky enough to win a goody bag from Wish List (part of Hodder & Stoughton), which arrived yesterday.  I love the design of the bag, I love cloth bags full stop.   So, a new cloth bag filled with books is the perfect prize for me!       Cheers Wish List!


  1. I love that bag and those cakes! Fab post :)

  2. What a lovely surprise! Next time though we want to see skipping in earnest!!